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What better way to spend the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ than in a winter wonderland? The Christmas season promises joy, nostalgia, and cheer, and this warm feeling was the very essence of my visit to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park this year. Much like everything else in this festive period, Winter Wonderland is not cheap, so here are some of my personal favourite attractions to spend your cash on and make your Christmas experience worth the money.  

The Giant Wheel 

Perhaps the most popular attraction in Winter Wonderland and certainly the largest, The Giant wheel promises a magnificent view of London’s skyline from Hyde Park. Being the tallest transportable wheel in the world, the experience promises to transport you 70 metres high, showing the festivities from a completely new perspective that can only be seen at this time of year. 


A surprising favourite of my visit to Winter Wonderland had to be this beautifully themed authentic German walk-through attraction. Reminiscent of a classic fairground fun house, Irrgarten promises a more relaxed option than the other rides at the park. It ends with a glass maze to test your sense of direction and could be a refreshing addition to your trip. 

Snow Jet

Another fun ride that is worth buying a ticket for is the snow jet. From the first view the ride shows a gentle sleigh-ride through a snowy scene, however, beware of the shift in gear that occurs at the end of the ride; it is sure to turn your stomach upside down! I had a lot of fun on this ride, promising to be one of the fastest attractions they have to offer and is a good middle ground for both thrill seekers and those who find fair rides nerve-racking. 

Street Food Village

You can’t go to Winter Wonderland and not try the wide variety of treats they have to offer. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice there is available, so I would recommend having a look around the stalls first before deciding on your meal. The fried chicken at El Pollote, or the impressive Hot Dogs at Oh My Dog are extremely tasty and larger than some of the other portions at the park to help make the most of your money! Nearly every stall provided vegetarian options too, so there is inclusivity on any dietary needs! 

Magical Ice Kingdom 

Finally, my top recommendation to enjoy in Winter Wonderland is the Magical Ice Kingdom that transports you from everyday life to an immersive Christmas adventure. This attraction was occupied with people of all ages who were in awe of the intricate sculptures helping to create the mythical, frost-covered land and made were from over 500 tonnes of ice and snow! As you enter through the ice archway, the attraction lets you explore passageways where you can be greeted by unicorns, dragons and elves before making a grand entrance at the spectacular Ice Palace.  

Overall, Winter Wonderland is a great way to embrace the festivities and get involved in the Christmas spirit. A few tips to help you with your visit: if you are going in the evening and have booked in advance, make sure to leave enough time to visit all the attractions you have booked for as it is easy to get carried away with all the sights and lose out on what you have already paid for. There is an option for concessions which includes students and can bring down the prices of many of the attractions, for example a ticket to the Magical Ice Kingdom can be brought down from £12 to £9! Lastly, booking in advance can help you save even more money as if £20 is spent online when reserving the attractions, your entry fee becomes free!  

If you do decide to join the festive fun, have a wonderful time and a very merry Christmas!  

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