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Will Rider: SU Sports Officer Candidate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Head of IMS football, Will is looking to win your votes this week as he battles it out to be next year’s SU Sports Office; will this Latin student seize the day with campaigning soon to be underway?

Hi Will! How has the whole experience been for you so far?

I’ve been talking to a lot of people- the amount of message requests I’ve been sending on facebook!- it’s been manic but a lot of fun so far.

What’s the one manifesto point you really want to push this election and potentially next year?

It’s so hard condensing them, but my biggest concern is for Wednesday afternoons. At the moment there is no actual rule saying that there can’t be lectures on a Wednesday afternoon it’s kind of just a good faith rule from lecturers. What I’ve found is a lot of people are having to miss lectures to go and play sport, especially if they’re travelling further and have to leave earlier. I don’t think there should have to be a choice between lectures and sport, so after speaking to members of staff and the current education officer, I want to make Wednesdays seminars only. Therefore anyone with commitments on Wednesdays could have a seminar early in the morning or sign up for a seminar another day altogether.

What sets you apart from the candidates in your opinion?

Ultimately I want to use my knowledge to facilitate as many people playing sport as possible. I want to pay equal attention to all three layers of sport at Nottingham Engage (the base layer for beginners to try out sports), IMS (halls and societies) and then BUCS. I want to keep the sporting facilities that we have as flexible and as affordable as possible, so regardless of people’s financial situation they can afford the gym memberships. So if we had various pay packages, for example a third year medic might pay less than another band of student but could have a top. Equally, someone who lives further away from the new sports village, an SB student for example, could opt to pay a reduced fee for their sports membership and top it up if they wanted to travel and use UP facilities. I want to target first years and get the relevant information to them- it’s not just about the elite athletes, I am the candidate that realises the importance of grassroots-level commitment.

What will be your biggest challenge?

Probably implementing the Wednesday afternoon seminars. The SU has already begun the process of implementing this, but it’s something I’m keen to continue working towards since I believe it will have the biggest reward and a lasting impact. It is also the thing that will create the biggest change for sport at uni. It will be my full-time job to make sure I deliver on these promises and I’ll put the time in to try and make changes.

What can we expect next week then, Will?

I’m blue. It was hard trying to find the balance between what’s actually a nice colour and what will get people’s attention, but my t-shirts are blue. Rider [Will’s surname] was difficult to come up with something, but we got there in the end, the heartbeat logo is my thing: green and gold for the UoN heartbeat.

Word Association & QUICKFIRE ROUND

Portland- SU

Ocean- Andy Hoe

Nottingham- Sport

Seb Chimo [another sport candidate]- Rugby

Netball- Hazel Mann

Elections- Winning


Have you got a nickname?

[Hesitant] what can you publish? In halls when I was running for Sports, ‘Ride or Die’ was my thing, people still call it me to be honest. My grandma excluded.

Where can we find you on Friday?

100% Ocean.

What’s your go to hangover cure?

A Tesco meal deal, that’s my cure. Which one? [doesn’t stop for a breath] Roast chicken and bacon sandwich, a Copella apple juice and some McCoys crisps.

What was your last text?

[laughs] It was off someone asking if I was going to Ocean tonight…

A perfect answer. Finally, if you were playing hide and seek on campus where would you hide?

Probably down by the lake. It’s quite nice and secluded there.

Thanks will, happy hiding! (and riding)

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