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A little disclaimer before you read on: if you’re expecting a balanced review of the game-changing, innovative store known as IKEA, then I’m afraid to say you won’t find that here. It shall receive nothing but praise from me because if you haven’t gathered already, I’m a huge fan of the place. It feels like an age since the last time I stepped foot into an IKEA; oh, how I miss it! I don’t think I’ve ever came out of there empty-handed. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible! Once you step through the entrance into the world of ‘The Wonderful Everyday’, there’s no going back. Like literally, it has a unique one-way system where you have to follow the footsteps all the way around the store to get to the exit which is super clever on their part I have to say. That’s just one of the many reasons why I can pretty much spend an entire day in IKEA. 


Most IKEA stores will have two floors but the one in Coventry used to have three and it was one of the biggest ones in Europe. Unfortunately, it recently closed down and I still haven’t quite recovered from it. Anyway, I can easily spend hours browsing their furniture and other miscellaneous items because each floor is sectioned off into different departments such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom etc. That’s not even including the showrooms where you can go and imagine that it’s your kitchen, living room or bedroom that you’re standing in, or sitting in; testing out the comfort of the sofas and beds are an absolute must.


Another one of IKEA’s many pros is that everything is so affordable! As I said earlier, I don’t think I’ve ever left without buying something, whether it be a small item like a candle or houseplant to something as big as a mattress topper. Yes, I did purchase a mattress topper one time with my boyfriend and we, well he, had to roll it up and lug it around until we got to the exit. It was reduced from about £150 to…wait for it…as little as £27 all thanks to their bargain corner where they reduce items that are on display, like mine, or ones that are slightly damaged. Can you really blame me for buying it? I remember we had to get an Uber in the end, and we ended up giving the driver a packet of IKEA biscuits for being so friendly and helpful. Good times…


It’s time to move onto the cuddly toy section. To tell you the truth, I could probably spend half a day just in that section alone. I know, I’m still five years old! True story, my boyfriend and I had our first date in IKEA and what a day that was! Of course, he’s a huge fan of IKEA too and he bought me one of the large Elephant cuddly toys – how cute is that? I just remember my jaw dropping in astonishment when he asked me to pick the one, I wanted. I think it’s safe to say he certainly won me over from that moment onwards. If you think that was cute, for Valentine’s day one of the presents he got me was a Diplodocus toy from the new IKEA dinosaur range and I genuinely teared up. I really am a sucker for a cuddly toy!

Now, probably my favourite part of IKEA is in actual fact the restaurant. I’m aware that this will confuse people that have never been before because IKEA is a home and furniture department store. However, the restaurant deserves a lot of recognition and here’s why. Firstly, there is a wide range of meals and desserts for you to choose from, but I always go for the meatballs in a creamy sauce with mash because it is their best dish by far, followed by one of their cheesecakes which are amazing. Secondly, the food is very affordable. I’m pretty sure you can get a hot dog for just 50p and their ice cream is a similar price. I must admit, I did have my reservations about the quality of their food at first, but I was so impressed with how tasty it actually is that I now never leave without paying a visit to the restaurant.

IKEA is honestly a great day-out so if you’ve never been, I can assure you that your first visit won’t be a disappointment. Equally, I know some people don’t really get the hype. I guess it can’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but one thing is for sure, as soon as non-essential shops re-open again, I’m straight there!

Amy McClelland

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I’m a second year English student at the University of Nottingham. In my spare time, I enjoy watching films and TV shows as much as I do reading books. Staying fit and healthy is very important to me but my love of chocolate is greater ;-) I love travelling and I would love to visit Italy because I’ve never been! I am a feature writer for HerCampus Nottingham magazine.
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