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Her Campus catches up with Natasha, the Communications Manager of the UoN Feminists campaigns group, to see what their plans are for next year.

For someone looking to join, how often do you guys meet? What does a week with UoN feminists look like?

Our meetings take place every week of term time, or every fortnight at times of the year when people are under more pressure from their course. Because it’s exam season, we’re taking a break from meetings but come September you’ll be able to find the time and location of our meetings on our Facebook page! Each month we try and also do at least one other activity such as going to a film screening, going to Fan Club (a DIY glitter party that happens every month at Rough Trade) or getting drinks in Mooch. It’s been tough to juggle meetings and socials this year because we haven’t had an events manager, but we’ll probably be holding the by-election for that in October.

What is your role in the campaigns group? What does this entail?

My current role in UoN Feminists is Communications Manager, which is essentially our equivalent of President. This year I’ve been organising meetings, chairing management meetings and liaising with the SU. Next year, however, I’ll be carrying out the role of External Campaigns Manager – meaning I’ll be representing UoN Feminists in campaigns taking place in the wider Nottingham community. I’m going to be juggling fems with the role of Environment and Social Justice Officer next year so I needed fewer responsibilities – but I’m sure next year’s President Queenie will do a great job!

Is there anything the UoN feminists are doing on campus before the end of term?

On campus it’s mostly just a case of gearing up ready for next year, but hopefully when exams are done we’ll be able to organise a chilled cafe meeting or something.

What are your plans as a society for next year?

Next year we’re hoping to get our Feminism 101 campaign fully off the ground – it’ll feature workshops that anyone can attend as an introduction to intersectional feminism. We’d also like to organise more socials, and potentially some guest speakers. In my role as External Campaigns Manager, I’d love to keep working in UoN’s Living Wage and Anti-Casualisation campaign group and represent fems in organisations such as POW and Nottingham Citizens.

Has UoN Feminists done anything in regards to the election coming up?

UoN Feminists are neutral when it comes to political parties so we have mainly been encouraging people to register, read manifestos and vote on 8th June.

Who should someone contact if they have any further questions/would like to join?

Anyone on committee would be happy to answer your questions through Facebook messenger but if you’re a bit shy about contacting people in this way, our email is uonfeminists@gmail.com

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