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Untangling the Hailey VS Selena ‘Mean Girl’ drama

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

At the end of February of this year, some drama broke out between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez, and it took social media by storm. I found out about this gossip on TikTok, and honestly, I could not escape it – every other video was a video about these two.

So, what happened? Long story short, Selena Gomez used to date Justin Bieber but broke up with her and started dating Hailey Baldwin. Over the course of several years, Bieber then went back and forth between the two women until he eventually married Hailey in 2018. You may be thinking what’s the problem? The problem is that people have started conspiracies that Hailey is copying Selena’s every move. It bubbled to the surface when Selena shared a video about how her brow lamination treatment went wrong, and Kylie Jenner posted a screenshot from a facetime with Hailey. In this screenshot, the two ladies were showing off their neat eyebrows to the camera, they were blatantly mocking Selena.

Lots of people are now commenting on Hailey and Kylie’s posts saying ‘mean girls’ and other comments along those lines. People suspect that Kylie got involved because Selena overtook her Instagram follower count and became the most followed woman on the social media platform. At the moment, Selena has 399 million followers versus Kylies 381 million followers. The pettiness that these women have over Selena is quite odd, to be honest. However, TikTok has become a breeding ground for this beef and has definitely spurred various rumours.

At first, I can admit to being guilty of watching these people’s videos showing images and videos that prove Hailey is just copying Selena all the time. But it got to a point where I realised that I had better things to do than be invested in some Hollywood gossip that genuinely adds nothing to my life. The whole media coverage of this ‘scandal’ really showcased how obsessed so many people can be about things that have nothing to do with them. I suppose we all like to saturate our lives with other people’s problems so that our lives seem more interesting than they are, but sometimes is the drama even worth it? For example, this whole Selena and Hailey drama is just so drama-less.

When will this go too far though? Throughout the years, the Bieber-Baldwin relationship has always been a hot topic. For example, the car door being shut in Hailey’s face by Bieber surfaces every so often and everyone has their comment on them. They have almost become a laughingstock for everyone. Even more recently, on the Oscars red carpet the couple were booed and hurled insults because of the Selena drama. It really makes you question whether is that necessary. No one is really involved in the drama apart from those actually in it, and the only people that seem the most riled up by it are anyone but them. Selena has tried to diffuse the situation by emphasising being kind to everyone, but fans don’t want to leave this there.

The whole idea of being able to access people’s lives so easily and be able to comment on someone’s life when you aren’t involved in it is so toxic. This kind of drama can be quite draining and boring after a while, but I think the excitement of obsessing over these celeb’s lives has fizzled out…for now.

(With all that being said, I am #TeamSelena)

Isabella Ansell

Nottingham '23

Third year Film and TV student at UoN, and a Reviewer for Her Campus. I love my coffee machine and my dog <3