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Unicorns and Mermaids: The Beauty Edition

The world’s obsession with unicorns and mermaids hit off in 2015 and it’s easy to see that the craze is still going strong in 2017. We’ve been introduced to many weird and wonderful snacks inspired by this trend such as unicorn cakes, unicorn doughnuts, and those famous unicorn bagels all over Instagram! They’re all essentially just rainbow coloured food but I think we can all agree that they’re incredibly pretty looking, though probably not as edible as the regular versions of those foods. In addition, everyone wants to be a mermaid these days. We all have a mermaid blanket, right? If not, we need to get one! These colourful, mystical, magical trends have seeped into the beauty world and this makes us here at Her Campus Nottingham very happy, because, let’s face it, sometimes we all wanna be a mythical creature from another world. Yes, we’ll admit…these are all princess products that none of us actually ‘need’ but we MUST have. Here, we’ve put together a list of the prettiest, cutest, and most magical unicorn and mermaid beauty products that will make you want to cry because you can’t even deal!

Unicorn Lashes Unicorn Brushes, £45.

These are probably the most popular unicorn beauty products ever so you may have seen them being posted to death on social media sites, though I’m sure you can see why. This brush set, which is created by vegan brand Unicorn Lashes (thank you Unicorn Lashes!), is amazing. What could be dreamier than pastel rainbow bristles and unicorn horn handles with an iridescent, pearlescent shine. Could they be more beautiful? Are we (mere mortals) even worthy of holding such enchanting makeup tools? Does anyone actually use them or has the beauty world just agreed that we’d just stare at them forever, because I’d be cool with that. Oh, and the brand will soon be launching mermaid brushes too! I can’t breathe.

Farsali Unicorn Essence, $54. This is Unicorn Essence formerly known as Unicorn Tears (because that’s what it looks like when you apply a couple of drops of this shimmering, purple pink potion to your face). It’s basically an antioxidant facial serum and primer that’s used to moisturise and smooth the skin in order to make makeup look flawless and glowy (just like a unicorn). The brand Farsali seemed to have become famous overnight, I woke up one morning and almost all the beauty gurus were using it and saying that they love it. Yeah, sure, it’s gimmicky but it sure does stand out amongst all the other facial oils.

I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart, £5. Next up is the product that’s probably the hardest to get a hold of since it’s always out of stock and restocked very infrequently. It’s a beautiful rainbow highlighter ‘made by unicorns’…knowing that is enough, but hold on, the highly pigmented, candy colours blend seamlessly together to create a celestial glow on the cheekbones. Believe it or not it actually doesn’t look like a crazy rainbow on your face when it’s well blended, and the colours are only noticeable in the sun. When I first got this highlighter I really didn’t want to touch it because of how pretty and perfect the Unicorn Heart is.

Anastasia Beverly Hill Moonchild Glow Kit, £45. This is the ice queen of the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighting palettes, appropriately named Moonchild. These cool toned, icy, metallic highlighters create an otherworldly glow on the face. Though this palette isn’t exactly a unicorn or mermaid product it’s clear to see that the creators definitely had the idea in mind. The palette is so dreamy that you could stare at it all day until you actually believe that you’re looking at the moon. Shining, shimmering, splendid (Who can name the Disney movie?).

Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette, £4. Moving onto eyes, this is the Mermaids vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette. As you can see half of the palette contains cool aqua colours to represent the side of the mermaids, and the other half of the palette has more purple and pink toned colours that represent the side of the unicorns. I don’t know about you but we don’t like to think that mermaids and unicorns are in any sort of conflict, but live in harmony (that’s if they’re from the same magical world?). The eyeshadow in this palette can help with whichever look you’re going for, mermaid or unicorn.

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pans, £9.25.

These eyeshadows are extra gorgeous because they’re foiled eyeshadows which means that they have an extremely metallic finish. Just magical. We recommend the colours ‘Houdini’ (a deep, rich emerald green) and ‘Pegasus’ (the perfect turquoise) if you’re going for the mermaid look. We would recommend the colours ‘Day Dreamer’ (a silvery lilac) and ‘Whimsical’ (a candy pink with a silver shimmer running through it) if you’re going for the unicorn look. As you can see all of the names tie into our topic of unicorns and mermaids and just magical things in general.

Unicorn Lashes, £17.99-£23.50. Let’s now actually talking about Unicorn Lashes, the products that came before the Unicorn Brushes. They are the fluffiest, longest, and whispiest false lashes ever! If you’ve ever watched a Disney princess movie (like The Little Mermaid) and just thought ‘how are their eyes like that?’, these lashes might be the answer. A pair of these enchanting lashes seem to make everyone look like the princesses at Disneyland.

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick, $18. The vegan brand Lime Crime actually sell ‘makeup for unicorns’ and even have a Unicorn Lipstick which they assure us is ‘unicorn approved’. These Unicorn Lipsticks are surprisingly wearable as they come in an array of nude colours and only have a slight satiny shimmer to them. They may even be casual enough to be worn as an everyday lipstick not just the days when you feel like being a unicorn or a mermaid.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers, $108. Lime Crime have also recently released a lip gloss set that’s too pretty not to mention in this list. They call it the Diamond Crusher. We all remember those glittery lip glosses growing up, but we promise you these are on a whole different level. They come in a variety of fun colours, each one with their own iridescent, metallic particles which create a holographic effect on the lips. Obviously not as wearable but certainly unicorn!

NYX Face and Body Glitter, £5.50. Last but not least we have to mention glitter. It’s the original unicorn tears. This is the Nyx Face and Body Glitter which is very fine and means that there will be minimal irritation on the skin, because we all know that glitter is fun until you get scratched to death by it. This glitter can be used on the eyes or even under the eyes to create the unicorn tears, but just make sure to remove it as best you can before you go to sleep, there ain’t nothing cute about waking up to painful eyes. If you want to go all out unicorn and mermaid we would recommend the glitter colours ‘Rose’ (a candy pink), ‘Teal’ (a vibrant turquoise), ‘Violet’ (an iridescent purple), and Crystal (a silver opal). Trust us, you won’t even be human anymore.

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