The Ultimate January Exams Survival Kit!

We all experience a similar feeling at some point in the Christmas holidays. It comes earlier for some, at the last minute for others. That feeling of 'damn, I have a LOT of essays to write/exams to revise for'. And regardless of how early you start working, you will doubtless return to Nottingham pre-exam period feeling unprepared, scared and possibly ill. Typical. 

But Her Campus have come to our rescue, yet again, and sent us a lovely parcel of goodies to help us through the trauma. Watch this space for chances to win everything you see here...

Tresemmé have come through for us once again, this time with a generous sample of their 7-day Keratin Smooth range. Perfect for split ends and frazzled roots. Plus, the treatment lasts for 7 days (even through washes), which means your hair will be feeling healthier for longer! Perfect for those stress-filled days when washing your hair is last of your priorities. 


We've also been treated to a TONNE of these cold remedies courtesy of Cold-eeze. We all know the main downfall of paying your own bills in a student house; living in near-arctic conditions is bound to bring on a cough or a cold at some point! These homeopathic melts are a palatable honey and lemon flavour.


This cute Camelbak bottle is handily spill-proof - no more water over lecture notes disasters!


This dainty charm bracelet from is a statement piece of jewellery for any girl. Yeah, we don't really know what "I can't" means either, but we recommend you go with your inner-hipster on this one. Use promo code HERCAMPUS for 25% off!


We love this brightly coloured underwear from Cosabella. To get a whole rainbow of colours, use promo code 28MEV8 for 25% off. 


The Timeline Project is an online tool that helps you to focus in on your goals. It's pretty cool, so check it out here. They've also sent us a load of their latest magazines which feature a bit of everything applicable to a typical uni girl's lifestyle!


We were also treated to a Free Burrito, Bowl, Order of Tacos, or Salad Card from Chipotle and a $20 gift card for anything from the (Her Campus inspired) College Catwalk Collection by chain & charcoal.