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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Long Haul Flight

Let’s be honest – nobody enjoys long haul flights. The prospect of spending 11 hours trapped in an aluminium canister isn’t exactly appealing, let alone the thought of plane food. Having endured my fair share of long haul flights, here’s my guide to keeping your sanity intact for the next flight ahead:


The aisle is generally the most favoured seat but if the choice is available, I will always choose the window. Leaning my head against the side of the plane is heavenly compared to the fear of being run over by the food trolley whilst hanging my head over the side of the aisle in an attempt to get as much personal space as possible.

(The most comfortable seat on the plane)


Don’t forget to check the in-flight entertainment before you leave. If you’re a movie addict and have seen all the entertainment on offer, make sure to download films or TV programmes onto your tablet devices, and don’t forget to charge them! Trust me, you’ll regret it when the baby next to you starts crying.

Pack the essentials

Make sure to bring a scarf/ pashmina even if your holiday destination is 35 degrees. You may wonder why, but from my own personal experience, they really do enjoy blasting out the air con on flights. Apart form the obvious, it’s always handy to have earphones, sweets (for take off and landing), snacks between meals, your own headphones and a neck support. Most importantly wear comfortable clothing! If this means bringing a spare change of clothes for the fashion conscious ladies then don’t forget to pack them.

Dont forget the beauty essentials

Planes are renowned for drying out the skin. By packing a lip balm and moisturiser you can help keep your skin beautifully hydrated. Along with moisturiser it’s also a good idea to pack some makeup and perfume. Nobody looks their best on arrival and you’ll appreciate these products more than you’ve ever done before.

Edited by Mackenzie Orrock

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