The Ultimate Disney Christmas Gift Guide

It’s now December, which means that, if you haven’t already gotten started on your Christmas shopping, now is the time!

Disney fever has swept through the nation in recent years leading to an abundance of related lines in various stores that suit every budget, from the cheap-and-cheerful Primark to the cute-and-cozy Cath Kidston. If you’ve got a friend who’s a Disney fanatic to buy for this holiday season, you need look no further than this ultimate gift guide that promises to bring a bit of magic to their celebrations:



A staple for any hardcore Disney fan is at least one character mug (though preferably many more!). Beautifully crafted, these ceramic offerings start as low as £7.99.

Primark pyjamas

They’ve become the go-to location for Disney homeware and clothing on a budget, but their pyjamas sets are an ideal Christmas gift to snuggle into on Christmas night.

Personalised ears

If your recipient has a Disney parks trip coming up soon, some handmade ears are a must! Whilst the classic red and black version is a good starting point, various Etsy stores now offer an array of designs to suit a diversity of interests.  Made For Mouse is a personal UK-based favourite and they’re always adding new seasonal offerings!

Pandora charms

No Disney fan will have missed Pandora’s announcement last month that they’d finally brought this themed collection across the pond. These start at £15 for locket charms and £35 for the full-size bracelets, including Cinderella’s glass slipper and Elsa’s glittering ice dress.

Danielle Nicole bags

Once again proving that Disney has gone designer, this collection of shoulder bags and clutches are the perfect way to showcase your inner child in a catwalk-worthy manner. Whilst they are a little on the steep side cost-wise, you could potentially club together on this gift – or maybe buy one for yourself…

Beauty and the Beast jewelry box

2017 has been a rollercoaster year, but it did gave us the live-action version of this classic favourite film. A whole range of products have since been released, but this jewelry box is perfect for storing a ‘moment to last forever’; perhaps even a new Disney Pandora bracelet?!

Cinderella Cosmetics bag

Allow your wannabe princess to carry around their staple beauty products in this adorable cosmetics bag. With this on hand, you can guarantee their makeup will still be flawless after midnight!

Princess Face mask

Following an evening spent dancing until the clock struck twelve (or even beyond), allow your loved one to indulge in a face mask that will give them that dewy Aurora glow without having to sleep for 100 years!

Lip balm

Lather up those lips with this handy honey flavoured balm – ideal for any friend who can frequently be found running off to their own frosty Hundred Acre Wood in winter time.

Mickey Christmas plush

A Disney gift guide would not be complete without a character plush! For £16.99, this Santa Mickey will look adorable under any tree this Christmas, and for many festive seasons to come.

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