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Ever struggled to find the perfect film on a date night? Fret no more! Her Campus has put together the ultimate date night list for every occasion. From romance to horror, we got you covered!

The Notebook

Of course. The best romantic movie of our generation. Don’t let your boyfriend’s complaints put you off, because you can guarantee by the end of this romance-fuelled drama you’ll both be in tears. Cuddle up by the candlelight, and hope your significant other gets the hint that he needs to take a tip or two out of Ryan Gosling’s book.


Man Up

Your man gets Simon Pegg and his superb comedy, and you get an awkward rom-com where grand romantic gestures are at the forefront. What more do you need?

Star Wars

Let’s face it. You need to watch every single one, if only for research purposes, because if they don’t like these bad boys then you need to dump that guy or girl immediately. Han Solo, Luke, Chewy, Leia – they all come before bae.

Nightmare on Elm Street

A good, classic horror movie to ensure that you get plenty of scared snuggles, as well as the fact it’s simply terrifyingly brilliant. Want to sleep with your boyfriend but also never sleep again? This one’s for you.

Straight Outta Compton

Now hear me out. Firstly, this film is a modern classic. Secondly, all the awards don’t lie. Thirdly, man or woman, the plot, characters, music and tone of this movie are enough to thrill anyone.


Pitch Perfect

Aca-scuse me but this film is perfection. Both a girls’ night in, and a funny date night, Anna Kendrick captures the witty, badass, sexy woman we all want to be and every man wants.


Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs. Enough said.


Meet the Parents

Preparing your boyfriend for the inevitable meeting mum and dad can be awkward and daunting, but watching this film together is sure to put him at ease. The reality he will really face will be much easier of a time than Adam Sandler (unless your dad is as psycho, in which case it’s a good warning movie.)


The Terminator

You get the joys of Arnold Schwarzeneger, and your partner gets the joys of one of the best action films of all time; ultimately you both get everything you want. A complete win-win in the date night film department. Only watch the first one though, nothing after that can ever really compete.

Love Actually

Christmas or not, this rom-com is a classic, committing equally to all different kinds of love and in every place possible to find it. Want to feel like Gatwick and Heathrow are two of the most romantic places on earth? Watch it. Truly the most hopeful, inspirational and realistically romantic of all movies ever, it proves to us that love is really all around (cries).


Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay so yes, Mr Grey is a complete psychopath and the movie centres around idealising a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, which I am in no way endorsing, but the movie has its perks. The soundtrack is to die for, and watching the movie is one way to introduce the idea of spicing up your sex life to your partner (without just jumping straight in with the handcuffs).


Love is an open door, and date night is definitely the night to get all cutesy with your partner. Sing along by all means and be that cheesy couple who annoy all their single friends. You can both boo at Prince Hans together, and let’s be honest, if anyone says they hate Frozen, they are lying or insane.

Easy A

So watching a film with your boyfriend where Emma Stone walks around in lingerie half the time might not seem like the best idea, but in all honestly, guys may want to be with her, but girls want to be her. A movie that confronts sex in an upfront and satirical way, whilst being romantic and funny, it’s a real winner. Plus, an added bonus: you’ll both have ‘A Pocket Full of sunshine’ in your head for days after watching it.


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