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Top Five Tips for Your Fajitas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.


We love fajitas and they’re a student staple across the UK! Why wouldn’t they be? They’re easy to make, cheap and great for group meals. My housemate makes the mix, freezes it and whips it out whenever she can’t be bothered to cook – genius!

However fajitas can sometimes get a tad repetitive. Eating chicken, peppers and bread every night can get a little dull so HC Nottingham have come up with some tips to spice up your fajitas!

Tip One: Meat your brand new fajita

Fajitas don’t always have to be chicken! Chop up some meat and bam: you’ve got a whole new dish which is just as easy and quick to make! Additionally you can always have chicken and meat – ooh get you!

Tip Two: Marinating Magic

Never underestimate the importance of extra ingredients! Fajitas can be even more colourful. Peppers and onions are the general go tos for fajitas and people ususally forget that there is more out there! Marinate your wraps in a zesty mixture of lime, garlic and other seasonings for extra flavour. 

Tip Three: Healthy Extras

Ok you’ve got the peppers and onions and you’re probably thinking: good I’m being healthy here. I have news for you: there are even more vegetables that you can add to your fajita to get you to that 5 a day! You can serve your fajitas with raw tomatos, shredded lettuce and mushrooms.

Tip Four: Yummy Additions

Little side dishes like refried beans and Mexican rice can really add to your dish! I’ve found some of Uncle Ben’s rices go well with fajitas! Next time you’re at Sainsburys have a look. I’d recommend the chicken flavour for those who don’t appreciate spice (I’m with you). Don’t forget about the spice mix that comes in most fajita making kits. You can buy this separately if you’re making fajitas on the cheap. Don’t forget your dips! Guacamole, sour cream and salsa are must haves for your fajitas. Setting them out in pretty bowls will make any group meal a little more festive. Don’t forget to include a bowl of cheese. Enhance your fajita experience by trying a really strong cheese to compliment the meat and chicken flavours.

Tip Five: I just can’t eat fajitas again tonight

Let me introduce you to enchiladas! This cheese heaven wraps are the perfect alternative to fajitas! An enchilada is a corn totilla covered with a sauce of your choosing. Enchilada fillings are endless: chicken, meat, cheese, beans, potatoes, vegetables and even seafood! Have a play around with the combinations or buy a kit from sainsburys if you want a bit of first time guidance! You’ll need an oven proof dish.

Happy cooking collegiettes!