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Everyone loves to have ten (or more!) minutes procrastinating on the Internet once in a while. This month I’ve decided to compile a list of my favourite fashion blogs for your reading pleasure. So make a cup of tea, sit yourself down on a comfy chair, grab a biscuit and immerse yourself in the world of the fashion bloggers.


Briar Rose


Megan is a blogger based in Cornwall and Bath. The first thing you notice is her striking long red mermaid hair and her wonderful vintage style. Whether it’s a pastel pink coat, a flower crown or the latest floral print, she always looks like she has so much fun choosing the clothes she wears. Her photos are immaculate and her preference for high street fashion means you can emulate her style easily.


The Londoner


Rosie, ‘The Londoner’, is never just stuck in the capital. From Morocco to New York, her blog takes you travelling all around the world. Not only does she give you an insight into her fabulous wardrobe, she explores the places she visits for the best food and adventures to be had. It’s definitely worth a read to find some hidden secret spots for your Summer holidays. If you’re not in the mood for reading just scrolling through her photography is interesting in itself.



J for Jen


I have been an avid reader of this blog for year and though it may have changed its name, Jen’s style is always inspiring (not to mention her cat is adorable). The fashion in this blog always makes the most of the high street and I love how she isn’t afraid to wear something twice either! She has also branched into lifestyle blogging and her home finds from charity shops make me want to grab my coat and head down to Oxfam straight away.



What Olivia Did


Reading Olivia’s blog is like stepping back in her time, with an immaculate cat eye and floppy hats galore, you almost expect one of The Beatles to pop up in a post. It’s always enjoyable to see what she gets up to each day and being another London based blog, there are many beautiful shots of the city to admire. There are also some great recipes on her blog if you ever fancy channelling your inner Mary Berry.


Lisette Loves


Lisette finished University fairly recently so I love looking at all of her outfits which were created on a student budget. Distinct retro influences are mixed in with modern prints and Nike trainers. Again, this blog also has a lot of cooking and lifestyle posts so is great if you want to find a healthy breakfast recipe or the best gift to get for your friend’s birthday.


Rookie Magazine


Not strictly a blog, this online magazine is the brain child of Tavi Gevinson who rose to fame at the age of twelve with her blog Style Rookie. Rookie has lots of varied content based on a different theme each month. The fashion photo sets, many submitted by readers, are inspiring and they also have handy style tips for example a tutorial on ‘Bridget Bardot Eyes’.
















Edited by Nicole Jones

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