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Top 5 Reasons why Copenhagen is the Next City you Need to Visit

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In May of this year, I had the privilege of visiting a friend in Copenhagen, and it quickly became my favourite city I had ever visited. From the admirable bike culture to Reffen’s incredible atmosphere, here are my top five picks for what to do based on my 72-hour experience in the city on a student-friendly budget.


Refshaleøen is a super trendy area, enhanced by its historical industrial infrastructure. One of the many things it has become known for is a thriving street food hub called ‘Reffen,’ a place where you can get just about anything you fancy! Other than the food, the atmosphere there is amazingly vibrant, amplified by the live music events that make going out for food even better.

La Banchina:

In Refshaleøen, there is a place called ‘La Banchina,’ an ideal place to sunbathe or swim in the sunnier months thanks to it being a seated area, surrounded by water. The hours spent there made it a highlight of the trip for me, although, regrettably I missed out on the live music and yoga by the water. Although it is not in the centre of the city, it is easily accessible by affordable public transport and bike or you could opt for a scenic walk along Scandinavia’s natural beauty. This is the perfect place to grab a bottle of Copenhagen’s delicious cherry wine, which you can find for a reasonable price in a local supermarket.


I knew that cycling was a very popular thing to do in Denmark prior to visiting, and with 239 miles of cycle lanes in Copenhagen, it’s the perfect way to get from A to B or just to enjoy a cycle around the city. They are spacious and prioritized on the road, meaning it is a perfectly safe and non-stressful way of getting around. There are several apps such as ‘Donkey Republic’ that make it easy to find a bike, get going, and enjoy!

Nyhavn and Nyhavn Canal:

Nyhavn is a bustling tourist location – with buildings surrounding it that make it so quintessentially Copenhagen – it’s no wonder. The Nyhavn Canal runs through here, which you can access by a canal boat tour, or for a more cost-friendly option, there are plenty of food and drink places around where you can enjoy the atmosphere. If you were looking to go in the near future, their Christmas market looks like the perfect place to soak up the Christmas spirit, running from late November until late December.

Islands Brygge:

When I think of popular cities such as London, I think of the lack of space to move on the busy, tourist-filled pavements and consequently find it difficult to relax. Contrastingly, Copenhagen stands out due to it being on an island, meaning plenty of water spaces surround it, such as Islands Brygge. You can do water activities such as paddleboarding and kayaking, as well as swimming; something I would only recommend doing in the summer months unless you can manage to brave the cold.

For somewhere that is only an hour and a half flight away and for a reasonable ticket price, a visit to all of these places in Copenhagen and more is a must for any students looking to travel on the cheap.

Evie Hall

Nottingham '25

Second year Politics & American Studies student at University of Nottingham