Top 5 Motivational RuPaul Songs to Get You Through That Last Bit of Revision (Or Anything, TBH)

I recently discovered the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. I have one friend in particular who discovered it ages ago, so really she is responsible for my new found love, that is, RuPaul and his drag queens. I don’t know why I didn’t heed her advice and watch it sooner because it is an AMAZING and life-changing programme. Watching this show got me through my coursework and revision, no joke, so for those of you who still have a week or so to go, here are some RuPaul songs that will genuinely motivate you to get whatever you’ve got to get done, done. 


1. Sissy That Walk

This is my number one fave. The lyrics make you feel less bad about feeling like a failure and also, it’s just so damn catchy.

Top motivational lyrics:

“And if I fly, or if I fall

Least I can say I gave it all

And if I fly, or if I fall

I’m on my way, I’m on my way”


“Fly, fly, fly, fly”



2. The Beginning

This isn’t the best song to listen to if you’re panicking about the imminent future or you’ve just got a shit mark in an essay because the lyrics, “This is the beginning of the rest of your life” might not exactly be in keeping with what you’d hoped for. However, there are plenty more inspiring quotations to be taken from ‘The Beginning’- basically the whole song.

Top motivational lyrics:

“This is the beginning, the beginning!

This is the beginning of the rest of your life!

This is the beginning, the beginning!

This is the beginning of the rest of your life!”


“You better get it - get it (get - get) get it - get it - right - right

That was then, this is now.

Here we go starting over.”


“Change the world, change your mind,

We defy space and time!”



3. Covergirl

Not the most motivational lyric-wise, but Covergirl fully demonstrates why RuPaul is the sassiest of the sassiest. Watch a video of him walking down the runway to this song and you will indeed want to be him.

Top motivational lyrics:

“And when they see me

They want to be me

I am your fantasy”


“Put the bass in your walk

Head to toe let your whole body talk”



4. Champion  

Why this song is on the list is pretty self-explanatory. You da best. 

Top motivational lyrics:

“You're a champion, greatest of them all

You're a champion, never gonna fall

You're a champion, still standing tall

You're a champion and you'll always be a hero oh oh oh...”



5. Glamazon

This is more motivational if you're struggling to psych yourself up for a night out rather than an exam, however it will make you feel super sassy and sexy like star you are. 

Top motivational lyrics:

“Who’s that girl?

A fly ferocious lady”


“She’s like a female phenomenon”



I guarantee these songs will motivate you and make you feel fabulous, however they will be in your head for weeks. As a final word of caution, I would advise not watching the actual TV series until AFTER your exams as otherwise you won’t get anything done.