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With Friends finally available on Netflix UK, we can now binge watch all ten seasons – that’s 84 hours! It has been over 20 years since the show was first released in the 90s and has stood the test of time, with the next generation now enjoying the show. For ten seasons we laughed, cried and related to Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey as they experienced the highs and lows of relationships, jobs and independence. Here are our top 5 episodes, there are so many to choose from! SPOILERS if you haven’t watched the show


1. The One with Unagi (Season 6)

Aaaaah salmon skin roll. This episode is about Rachel and Phoebe going to self-defence classes and Ross being Ross claims that he is a martial arts expert lectures the girls on the power of “Unagi”. He attempts to scare the girls by jumping out at them, but they soon get their revenge. Ross’ showing off ultimately ends in karma for him (but hilarious for us) when he attacks innocent bystanders believing it to be Rachel and Phoebe. Also in this episode, Monica and Chandler forgets to buy Valentine’s Day gifts and Chandler gives Monica an old mix tape made by his ex-girlfriend Janice, uh oh…


2. The One with the embryos (Season 4)

How well do you know your Friends? This is what we find out in this episode where Joey bets that him and Chandler know more about Rachel and Monica then they know about them. The girls accept the challenge but there is one condition: The losing team has to pay $100. We learn that Monica’s biggest pet peeve is animals dressed as humans and that Michael Flatley from Lord of the Dance scares the “bejeezus” out of Chandler. The quiz ends in a tie which leads to the decider of the lightening round. Monica decides to raise the stakes by proposing that is her team wins, the boys have to get rid of their pet duck and rooster. Chandler counters, saying if his team wins then the girls have to switch apartments with them. Monica agrees confidently…but ends up losing. Where is Phoebe during this? Oh, just getting some embryos implanted so she can be a surrogate for her brother and his wife.


3. The One Where Ross Is Fine (Season 10)


We can all relate to Ross at some point in our lives, drinking several margarita’s and telling everyone that he’s fine… when he’s clearly not fine. Well, after hearing your ex Rachel is now dating one of your best friends (Joey) and you are currently dating Joey’s ex Charlie and inviting them all to dinner…it would be a tad awkward.



4. The One With The Routine (Season 6)

Joey’s new roommate, Janine (Elle Macpherson) is a “party person” at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and invites Joey, Monica, and Ross to the taping. Being super fans of the show, Monica and Ross are overcome with excitement.

Only the best dancers get invited to dance on the platforms, so that they get chosen Monica and Ross break out “the routine” that they made up in middle school. The dance is composed of the cheesiest dance moves, it is definitely one of the most iconic scenes of the show and best bad dance routine. The stage manager claims to be impressed and invites them to dance on a platform. The stage manager then tells the cameraman that he wants them filmed for the bloopers show.



5. The One With Ross Wedding Part II (Season 4)

After a whirlwind romance, Ross and his British fiancée Emily tie the knot in London. Ross was finally getting his happy ever after. Or not. Instead of saying “I take thee Emily” Ross says “I take thee Rachel” (his ex- girlfriend), talk about awkward! After this slip up the wedding still continues but Emily refuses to speak to Ross and its basically the beginning of the end of them. Oh Ross, you only had one job! But we do see the beginning of another couple, Monica and Chandler!


You can watch Friends on Netflix UK: https://www.netflix.com/


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