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Top 10 Reasons Why Harvey Kinkle Was the Perfect Boyfriend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Harvey Kinkle from Sabrina the Teenage Witch made Sabrina very happy and who have treated her the way every Collegiates deserves to be treated by her boyfriend! Here are my top ten reasons Harvey rocked:

1) He was accepting of her quirky qualities

Being a witch and all Sabrina used to get stuck in all kinds of crazy situations which involved unexplainable weird things happening – turning arch enemy Libby into a pineapple – priceless! Yet Harvey never got freaked out that Sabrina was running around clutching a pumpkin for dear life.  Sabrina didn’t have to hide her craziness to keep her boyfriend.

2) He was always sweet to her

It’s nice to hear sweet things and Harvey always made sure that Sabrina knew just how important she was to him.

3) He remembered important dates

This was so cute and ended up being the exact time they got married. Harvey was so smooth.

4) He was drama free

Harvey was always there to provide a bit of normality in Sabrina’s otherwise hectic, busy life – she had school, her Quiz Master and being a witch in general to deal with. He was always there to study, talk on the phone or get a slice (pizza woo). Once he even treated her to Britney Spears tickets! Can’t get any more normal (very happy) everyday teenage girl than that!

5) He was always just the right amount of jealous

Harvey never got overly jealous but he always fought to keep Sabrina. An added bonus was that he did sometimes get jealous in a cute way. 

6) He got along with her friends and family

Harvey recognised that a girl is often a package deal and comes with family and friends. He had a close friendship with Valerie and Sabrina’s Aunts were well past company behaviour with him.

7) He always tried his best to make her happy

Although they had arguments like normal couples do, Harvey was pretty understanding and forgiving. Even when they did have breaks, they managed to stay on good terms. Also how many guys would braid your hair…

8) He didn’t have any overly upsetting habits

Yep…Harvey wasn’t nearly as crazy as Salem.

9) He was so sure she was The One, he stopped her wedding

Sabrina: “What happened to saving the world?
” Harvey: “I did, you are my world.”

When he showed up on that motorbike Sabrina the Teenage Witch ended perfectly.

10) He accepted her for who she was

Sabrina kept this huge bombshell of a secret from Harvey. Harvey found out when Sabrina reached her ‘spell quota’ with him (she couldn’t cast any more spells on him). Harvey then had flashbacks to every spell Sabrina had ever put on him (there were a lot!). He eventually forgave her after getting over the shock! He accepted it as a part of her and helped her out with her witch related dramas. 

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