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The Reign of Girlish Chic: Bows Lead the 2023 Fashion Scene

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This year’s fashion has been dominated by girlhood; the runway landscapes of 2023 have witnessed a resurgence of girlish charms, from the popular revival of balletcore to a widespread interest in Barbiecore. Amongst these nostalgic trends, bows have emerged as the pinnacle of feminine expression and a focal point of this season’s style narrative.

In this era, the beautiful embellishments of bows have adorned the fashion landscape with a playful elegance. Brands worldwide have embraced and reshaped this trend, infusing it into their collections in distinctive and captivating ways. London-based brand Simone Rocha gained attention with their presentation of extra-long, delicate ribbon hair accessories, providing a whimsical touch that exuded both femininity and sophistication.

The revered designer label Balmain also adopted a grandiose approach, magnifying the charm of XL-sized bows that graced wool sweaters and adorned bow blouses. Their interpretation of this trend resonated with opulence, offering a luxurious take on the playful and girlish nature of bows within fashion.

The New York-based brand Sandy Liang has utilised the bow motif to be its signature emblem. Their innovative incorporation of bows spans across classic button-ups, ballet flats, shoulder bags, and headbands, showcasing the versatility and enduring appeal of this timeless accessory. In a recent venture into the realm of homeware, Sandy Liang introduced an entryway rug bedecked in a single bow, thus extending their distinctive fashion statement into the realm of home décor.

As the fashion world continues to evolve, the prominence of bows in the 2023 collections cements their place as a popular symbol of elegance and playfulness. The various interpretations and innovative applications of bows across different brands highlight their timeless appeal. In a world where fashion is ever-changing between trends, the consistent presence of bows this season reaffirms their status as a cherished and everlasting emblem of femininity, reminding us that the beauty of girlhood-inspired fashion is timeless.

Bethan Beddow

Nottingham '24

Hi, I'm Bethan and I study English with Creative Writing BA! I adore blog writing, specifically on matters that surround women and femininity, as well as other forms of creative writing such as creating poetry. As a typical English student, my room is brimming with hundreds of books – fantasy and romance are my top genres – and so in my free time I'm usually engrossed in one or two novels.