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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Being busy university students, it can often be hard to find the time to commit to watching a full episode of something, let alone an entire show. Often, we prefer something easy to watch, something that we can relax alongside (that isn’t a lecture), so Amrit share her top recommendations of some shows that you can switch off with.

Gossip Girl:

Gossip Girl (the original of course) must be at the top of my list. A teen drama set on New York’s Upper East Side, it follows the lives of the uber-rich and their Brooklyn counterparts as they navigate life whilst having the anonymous ‘Gossip Girl’ watching their every move. From forbidden class-boundary-breaking romances to father’s coming back from the dead, there’s enough drama for everyone. I never get tired of watching this show – if I have managed to watch each season about ten times, it’s definitely a sign that you should give it a go and lose yourself in the world of the elites.

Pretty Little Liars:

Although I have a love-hate relationship with this show (what was that ending??), it is an easy watch, and suits those who prefer something more thrilling that keeps you on the edge of your seat. In fact, I’d say it’s like Gossip Girl but darker, as it follows five high school girls being stalked by the unknown ‘A’. Although the plot does get unruly and frankly unbelievable at times, I guess it can also be a good show to watch to laugh at the ridiculous plot lines.

Reality TV:

Kardashians anyone?

Having just gone through a set of deadlines, I developed an unhealthy addiction to Keeping Up With The Kardashians. On this note, watching any reality TV in general can be a great way to escape the world for a bit. After all, what’s better than watching someone else’s everyday dramas rather than dealing with your own?

The Apprentice:

A bit of an odd addition to this list, but having something to watch on a certain night each week is a good way to schedule in time to switch off. On this note, I have been watching The Apprentice weekly. My friends and I have found it quite enjoyable to evaluate the supposedly excellent ‘business acumen’ of the candidates, and some of their actions on the show are hilarious.

Light-hearted and easy to watch, hopefully these recommendations will add some fun relaxation to your day!

I am currently a third year English and History student at the University of Nottingham. I am the Head of Reviews for Impact Magazine as well as the Live Editor for The Mic. In my spare time, I also chat about Formula One on a podcast for URN! My Twitter is @_amritvirdi and my Instagrams are @thevinylwriter and @amritvirdi._ - I also share my published works on these accounts.