Sunshine, Strawberries and Yummy Summer Palettes

Oh don't mind us, we're just here dreaming about sunshine and strawberry ice cream. Well, that's the kind of vibes we're getting from all the new summer eyeshadow paletes that have been dropping lately. From first impressions these new paletes look as if they were inspired by the sweet peach and spicy palettes that reigned before them.

Think the Naked Heat Palette but more honey mustards (that's where the sunshine come in) and coral pinks (that's where the strawberry ice cream comes in). We know the sun doesn't come out as often as we'd like it to around here, but these palettes will make sure that you're definitely prepared to SLAY on those sunny days.


Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Palette £25, available at

First up is the always regal Huda Beauty palette. This time she's out with the prettiest of them all, the Coral Obsessions Palette. With nine of the sunniest and yummiest shades we've ever seen, this palette really does capture the essence of summer. The palette has a mixture of buttery matte shades and foil-effect shimmer shades so you can pretty much create every summer look you can think of, from neutral to glam and from rosy or spicy.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette £43, available at

Next up is a palette for those who love these kinds of colours but would prefer a toned-down eye look for this summer. This is Anastasia’s new release and we’re pretty sure it’s going to follow the same success of their iconic Modern Renaissance Palette because it’s basically a softer version of that. Think of an oil painting that’s been reimagined but with water colours. This palettes is perfect for creating elegant and classic eye looks with touches of dreamy peaches and pinks.


Morphe 24G Grand Glam Eyeshadow Palette £29, available at

Lastly, we’re going to tell you about the palette that has us super excited, not only because it’s absolutely beautiful but also because it has way more of these gorgeous shades (24 to be exact!) than the previous two palettes, so the £29 is definitely worth it. This is the palette that reminds us of the Naked Heat Palette the most because of all those eye-catching, spicy colours, but it also has a fair amount of pink-toned champagne colours, which is why this palette is the best all-rounder for the best summer glow up.