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Style Guide: How to Prepare for the Christmas Party Season

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the perfect time of year to glam up and get ready for the party season. With so many parties to attend it can be hard to decide what to wear, but as so many places offer outfits that suit everyone, it’s the best opportunity to experiment. No matter what your shape or budget, here are some great ideas to get you in the mood to shop and party.

Velvet is a texture everyone needs in their wardrobe and is the perfect way to look glam this Christmas. For those who want to add a Christmas theme, a deep red or green colour is a great choice of Christmas colour that suits velvet perfectly. Parties are not just for pulling out your best dresses; velvet skirts, and tops paired with smart trousers are a great way to go, too.  Why not take inspiration form Zendaya and mix 2 trends together, velvet and the ever flattering female tuxedo.

Let’s flash back to the 90s with the slip dress. This is a sexy option for your next Christmas party. Go for a slip dress with a bit of flair; think lace, ruffles, sequins, and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Now, if Christmas isn’t the time for glitter, then when is? Anything that shines, and would make the magpies jealous, is the way to go. Incorporate this style into any element of an outfit. It can be limited to just the accessories, or decked out head to toe, for the ultimate glamorous look.

Of course, with any party, comes the LBD. This is the versatile dress that can be pulled out for any occasion and always makes you feel good. But don’t feel the need to go simple and play it safe. With so many options, why not try out a thigh high split, or a low back, to add a racy element.

To add a nice elegant touch to your outfit, wide leg silk trousers will not only look beautiful but be super comfortable. Pair with sky high heels to give your legs the appearance that they can go on for days… you’ll be giving Karlie Kloss a run for her money! Also, a crop top is a great way to show some skin but still keep it classy.

Accessories can really make an outfit, so take your pick from a wide selection. There’s the clutch bag, the earrings, the rings, and most importantly, the shoes. With so much on offer you’ll be spoilt for choice!

With something everyone will like there is literally NO excuse to not find that perfect outfit for you this Christmas. Bring on the parties!

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