Student Fashion Hacks

Being a student is tough because you often have to make some difficult decisions like whether to buy that top you’ve been eyeing for a while or using the money to narrowly avoid starvation for the following week.

Below are 3 great student hacks so you can look good for less, and consequently won’t have to live off your flatmates’ leftovers!

1. Look for high street alternatives to high end fashion

Shops like New Look and Zara often have almost identical versions of the beautifully unreachable items of clothing we see our favourite celebrities wearing on Instagram. It’s great to splash out every now and again but if you’re tight on money, scour the high street instead and you might find something you love (almost) as much. High end fashion often inevitably trickles down to the High Street after it debuts at the beginning of the season on the catwalks, making its way to the mid-range designers and can eventually be found in Zara, River Island, New Look and even Primark.

For example: Cosy cream jumpers like this beautiful Ted Baker pull have been very popular in the last few weeks as Autumn sweeps in, but if you’re happy to swap cashmere for cotton then this River Island equivalent is equally as comfy and cute for almost £70 less.

£99 Ted Baker

£30 River Island

2. Don’t spend money on things that will get trashed

Comfortable clubbing footwear is essential if you’re going to stay balanced after one too many shots, but rather than getting your favourite Stan Smiths trampled to death on the floor of our beloved Ocean, invest in a pair of Boohoo pumps which are equally as comfy, look almost identical and are much less expensive. They will easily see you through a semester before you can throw them out and buy yourself another fresh pair for your clubbing adventures the following term. Buying three pairs of these cheap shoes will still cost you less than the real deal!

Adidas £79.99 

BooHoo £15

3. Bring an old pair of jeans back to life by ripping them

Ripped jeans have been a consistent trend for the past few years, with men and women of all ages exposing their knees in the name of fashion. Rather than investing in a £40 pair of ripped Topshop Jonis, dig out that pair of old jeans from the bottom of your drawer and bring them back into trend by cutting them at the knees. There are loads of videos on the internet showing you how to do it properly, but a pair of scissors and a straight line usually does the trick!

And there we have it - 3 fresh hacks to keep your wallet full and your style fabulous.

Edited by: Tia Ralhan 

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