Spotted: The Best 7 LEGGED Costumes

The largest bar crawl in Europe hit the streets of Nottingham last night, with groups of students showing off some pretty impressive fancy dress efforts. Her Campus presents our favourite team costumes of the night! Were you spotted?

Many teams chose to relive their childhood on the infamous bar crawl, with people dressing up as their favourite TV/Film characters and toys!

These guys really went to INFINITY AND BEYOND levels of effort

Her Campus could not trace the whereabouts of Fred and Shaggy for this photo. The investigation remains ongoing.

A more complete gang, plus a scary ghoul!

Who you gonna call!?

Can we match this team with a group of Ken dolls? Anyone?

Other teams decided to show off their exotic tastes via the medium of costume...

Anyone fancy sushi? They even have soy sauce!

Some groups just went for a more weird and wacky theme...

Animal secret agents!? Truly. Terrifying.

The Alien Princesses have landed.

The 90s are so in right now. If you had a team of 5, you most likely tried to channel your inner Spice Girl...

A poor man's Spice Girls! WANNABES

Shoutout to the 34 bus team!

Remember the days the 34 wasn't a double decker? Ah, distant memories...

Sweet tooth inspiration!

Whose Bean creative this year?!


Thank you to everyone who allowed Her Campus to photograph you and to those who submitted. 

Alien Princesses Image Credit: Harriet Evans