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The Songs That Will Always Put a Smile on My Face

I constantly have music playing in my room. With more deadlines approaching as soon as I tick one thing off my to-do list, music can often be the only thing that gets me to actually focus on my work and not feel overwhelmed. I don’t really pay attention to song lyrics a lot of the time, I must admit, so these songs that I am recommending, are more to do with the memories attached to them. 


  • Where Does the Good Go – Sara and Tegan 

    • Any Grey’s Anatomy fan will know this song inside out. This one is perfect for a cathartic dance party with your housemates, and as Cristina and Meredith would say; “dance it out.” 


  • Waterloo – ABBA 

    • I couldn’t write about happy songs without including at least one ABBA song and this one is my all-time favourite. This one always reminds me of my friends and our many Mamma Mia movie nights together. I recommend both this song and Mamma Mia movie nights as a whole. 


  • Livewire – Oh Wonder 

    • Ever since Oh Wonder was releasing their album gradually on YouTube with a song each month, this one has been not only my favourite Oh Wonder song but also, one of my favourite songs in general. It’s about the importance of human relationships and being there for each other without losing yourself in the process. So, if bold piano notes whilst also having a positive message is your thing, I really recommend this one. 


  • Take a Walk – Passion Pit

    • This is an old-school, up-beat song that has all the right throwback music vibes of the 2010s. It’s also one you won’t be able to help but tap (maybe stamp) your foot to, so I apologise on your behalf to whoever lives below you. 


  • Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations 

    • This one’s title is really quite self-explanatory really – it’s just all round a good mood booster. I also love how the song starts straight away and you’re not left waiting for the chorus to properly get into it. It’s quite different to the others on this list but by no means inferior. 


  • Summer – Mumm-ra

    • I found this one on my Discover Weekly a few weeks ago and is now one of my most played songs. As the name suggests, it’s really helping me look forward to summer, which is something we could all use at the moment. 


I would highly recommend listening to your Discover Weekly on Spotify to find new music. It changes each week depending on your app activity so even if one week it’s not so great, I would definitely keep trying. My Discover Weekly is pretty much the only way I find new music now. 


Hopefully there’s a few songs on here you haven’t heard already that will bring a smile to your face too. 


Vicki Mileson

Nottingham '23

20, University of Nottingham. Third year Modern Languages student. Writing about university life, book recommendations and travel.
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