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Salice aka. Sophie and Alice

So you’ve heard of the Chuckle Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Tom and Jerry...now meet Salice, otherwise known as Sophie and Alice. Since these campus cuties are so inseparable (they have their own name!) we thought it only right to do a joint feature dedicated to this double-trouble duo:

Name(s): Sophie and Alice

Hometown(s): London and Birmingham

Degree(s): French and Geography

Year: 2

How did you two meet?

We were in the same flat in first year at Broadgate Park and became inseparable after realising we were the same size in clothes AND shoes (every girl's dream flatmate!). It was on day three of fresher's that 'Salice' was established... mainly due to the fact that people were struggling with who was who.

Campus Involvement:

We attend yoga every Wednesday in Portland and have been members of Rec Run for a year and a half, although we are still yet to attend a run (oops). We also are involved in the STAR organisation (Student Action for Refugees), where we help refugees of all ages with their English literacy skills and also just sit and have a chat with them. Other than that our involvement on campus goes as far as merely being students!

Achievements of 2015:

We both completed a half marathon this year; I (Sophie) completed the Windsor half for Asthma UK and Alice ran the Birmingham half for CJD Support raising a combined total of over £1,000 for our charities. This was a major achievement, as if you knew us, running as far as the bus stop proved a struggle! We are now looking for our next running challenge, hopefully one we can run together in Nottingham.

Dream Job(s):

Still unsure and panicking daily! Although we do have the back up option of having our own TV show, of course. Watch this space...

Personal Claim to Fame:

Getting our very own Salice shout-out in Crisis!

Fun Fact:

We are the very proud mothers of two goldfish named Fish and Chip that live with us in our attic space. Instead of crazy cat ladies, we are the freaky fish females!

Favourite food:

Fish finger sandwiches, with mayo of course (we are aware that this makes us sound like the worst fish owners in the world).

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment:

There are so many to choose from, but probably being told by the bouncers at Revolution that there is a height restriction to enter that we did not apparently meet! Safe to say we haven't been back since.

Where can you be found on a Friday night in Notts?

Ocean, in some kind of wacky costume. Keep a look out for the return of the Christmas trees this year…


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