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Rome On A Budget

Visiting Rome on a budget seemed almost impossible when we originally started planning for this trip, but as we found out last weekend, Rome offers plenty of ways to enjoy its sights without breaking the bank. Here is how I spent two glorious days in the capital of Italy.

We arrived late Friday night after a not so smooth RyanAir flight into Rome’s Ciampino airport. Unusually for an airport served by low-cost carriers, Ciampino is closer than the main airport to the city centre and shuttle busses take you into the city centre for under 10 euros. However, we arrived close to midnight and the Italians were striking, as per usual, so public transport had been in shambles all day. Even taxis were on the low and despite being told on many occasions to not share a taxi, as seen in Taken, we shared a taxi! The positive of thirty minutes of conversation torture whilst we spoke Spanish in an odd accent to make ourselves understood was that our taxi fare was half the price and the first drop off was in “an area the tourists never see”, and now we know why…


Airbnb is one of the best treasures I have found on my year abroad, a quick and easy way to find accommodation on a short term basis. I use it here in Paris and we used it in Rome. Every time I have rented on Airbnb, it has been successful for me and being served breakfast in bed on Saturday morning in Rome was the icing on the cake! I definitely recommend Airbnb, the prices are less than hotels and the service is much better than anything you would get in a hostel!
Rome is a city full of fabulous fashion and food therefore the two of us, one being a foody and one a fashion fanatic, had a field day! It is a city that without a doubt is worth a visit, even if you think it is out of your student budget! The best bargains often are found around autumn and winter and it makes the city much more manageable without the intense summer heat. We visited in October and the weather was perfect! 

A few hot spots for us were the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza Navona and of course the Vatican. Unfortunately, every other tourist in the city had the same idea so my advice would be to go back late at night when it’s a lot less crowded. At the Trevi Fountain you can get a great photo of the sculpture illuminated in lights at night and then dinner at Piazza Navona is a winner. There is no better way to finish your day than with a gelato, especially when you act like an indecisive girl and manage to test out a dozen flavours!



A few things to beware of in Rome are pickpockets and being ripped off, two things that definitely would not make your trip to Rome cheap! It is hard to not look like a tourist but definitely avoid the t-shirts with I LOVE ROME printed on them because it’s a complete giveaway!  There are a variety of individuals you may encounter on the street, such as over friendly vendors, unofficial tour guides, and costumed gladiators! They are all a bit of a nuisance to be honest, especially the gladiators which we had a little battle with. The costumed gladiators allow you to have fun photos with them but then they will ask for a fee of five euros or more! Refusing to pay five euros, our sweaty middle aged gladiator made us delete our photos! 


All in all, Rome is affordable for students and an unforgettable experience!


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