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Congratulations to Impact Music and Stop the Traffik for putting on a successful night with ‘Sounds Against Slavery.’ They raised an incredible £951.03 for Anti-Slavery International. The night was really well put together and I really enjoyed attending the gig. The organisers managed to pull in some brilliant acts and the night flowed incredibly well.

The first act on was Indian Summer. The lead vocals were so strong and their harmonies were so good. I really liked how strong the guitars were on their tracks. Indian Summer had a really rocky vibe to them and they were incredibly upbeat. Another good thing about Indian Summer is that their tracks were really varied and they managed to engage with the crowd. They were a great opening act.

Kwoli Black was up next and he was incredible! His racial experience really came through in his lyrics and it was actually really inspiring. There was a mixture of upbeat and some slower songs. He was so soulful and the band really gelled well together. His personality really came through and it was really great to see. He was a good dancer also!! The crowd involvement with Kwoli Black really hit a level and everyone really enjoyed his set.

[Kwoli Black performing above]

Foules were next on the list and they were great. They were incredibly upbeat and the environment was so relaxed when they were on. Their sound was rather unique and I don’t think I have ever heard a band quite like them (and that’s a positive!) The mood depended upon the track they were playing like previous artists but the crowd seemed to really enjoy them.

Super Furniture (pictured above) were incredible! These guys were probably my favourite act of the night as they tend be the kind of band that I would listen to but also the atmosphere was electric when they were on stage. The lead vocals were fantastic, I wasn’t quite expecting those vocals to come out of him. They did an awesome cover of ‘I wanna be like you’ from the Jungle Book. The energy levels were intense and the lead singer even came and played in the crowd at one point. They were great.

BABE PUNCH! Wow what a closing act. These girls and guys had a strong energy and the crowd were engaged from the minute they were on stage. They were rather rocky and had a very upbeat set. The lead singer oozed confidence and they worked so well as a band. Also, the harmonies were fantastic.

All in all, Impact Music and Stop the Traffik put on a fantastic night for charity and it was an absolute pleasure to attend this event. Congratulations on such a successful fundraiser.


Edited by: Jessica Greaney




19. History Undergraduate at UoN. Lover of live music.
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