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Review: Liam Gallagher at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham



Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena was buzzing as it awaited the return of one of Britain’s favourite frontmen, Liam Gallagher.

As you approached the venue, you could practically smell the lager in the air, as the street became a blur of Pretty Green parkas and Fred Perry polos.

Not to generalise, but he definitely appeals to a particular demographic. It was clear that Oasis revellers were back in full force, along with a turnout from newer fans. It was nice to see the two generations mix so well. 

The crowd was warm though, rowdy (and somewhat intoxicated, of course) but everyone was so excited to be there. That excitement was palpable. Seating or standing, every row was eagerly anticipating Liam to saunter on and belt out his much-loved tunes.

He has earned himself a lot of deserved credit as a solo star. His 2017 debut album As You Were, was an instant hit; his old fans reinstated whilst bringing in a new wave of listeners. Stand out songs like Wall of Glass or For What It’s Worth pack as much punch as some of his 90s hits.

His new album, Why Me? Why Not, has received a lot of praise. And rightly so; Shockwave was a song I couldn’t wait to hear live. 

Scouse indie charmer Miles Kane was supporting on this leg of the tour, and his performance was fun, cheeky and well received. He built the crowd up and radiated excitement back to them, just as every great support act should.

As Kane’s set drew to a close, the moment finally came. Liam Gallagher swaggered on from stage left.

From start to finish, the gig was nothing short of stellar. The setlist was perfectly crafted, charged by his solo hits but then powered by electric Oasis favourites. 

Notts’ very own Shane Meadows (the genius behind This is England) got a shout out, as Gallagher lovingly dedicated his song Come Back to Me to the director. 

The stand out song was Acquiesce. With the chorus lyrics blazing in huge lettering behind him, Gallagher was illuminated as he united the crowd. The venue was filled with nostalgia - even I felt it, and I wasn’t even born when the song was released. 

Gallagher’s gig had the potential to do that. When he sang an Oasis hit, it was sure to bring everyone back to the first time, and best times, listening to them. 

They were a band that defined a decade, and this isn’t something Liam shies away from. He’s proud to be part of Oasis, and the crowd felt proud to have been part of the phenomenon that night.

Finishing with an emotional rendition of Champagne Supernova, the gig came to an almighty close. Gallagher thanked us, honouring the bravery of young fans setting off flares to the joy of the crowd. 

The night will go down as one of my favourite concerts, I got to hear songs live that I never thought I would. They’re songs that mean a lot to those who love them. In the words of LG’s twitter, it was a ‘biblical’ night.

Grace Sansom

Nottingham '21

Grace Sansom (gracesansom2@gmail.com) Second Year English Student Reviewer
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