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Review: Let’s Just Pretend at Nottingham New Theatre


It’s getting to the time of year where we could do with a little something different to destress, and the Nottingham New Theatre has just the solution with its new show taking place this week. Nikki Hill’s ‘Let’s Just Pretend’ follows the story of two childhood sweethearts as they realise the differences between them, which were originally enticing and may eventually drive them apart.

The set is not only immediately stunning with fairy lights running from the ceiling down towards the floor, but is also utilised extremely well throughout the performance. The two actors of the play created very moving and realistic characters, which the audience can surprisingly really engage with in the short running time of just over an hour.

This is not a show with lots of action, however the dialogue is fast paced and captivates the feelings of the characters, going through many experiences to which we can all relate. While Carn Truscott played the part of a goofy teenager Mark perfectly, Libby Boyd’s performance as Caroline particularly stands out: her transformation from teen to adult is clear through her performance, and her emotions towards the end are exceedingly believable. 

The story is set around lots of short scenes spanning over 10 years, the transition between which is always flawless. This helps to keep the play fast paced, as well as showing the range of emotions and experiences the couple go through. Sometimes, however, the dialogue seemed slightly drawn out making scenes longer than necessary. With only two characters to keep the whole show going, however, this is almost expected.

Overall I found this performance not only immediately enjoyable but also thought provoking. Should you go and see it? The storyline is relatable, acting unfaultable and writing witty, and tickets are only £5 – why would you not?  

Let’s Just Pretend will be shown until Saturday. Book your tickets now.

Edited by Harriet Dunlea 

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