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Review: Candoco Dance Company’s Playing Another

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.


Unique disabled and able bodied contemporary company Candoco present a collaborative two set piece, Playing Another, and it certainly does not disappoint.

Part One “Lets Talk About Dis” cleverly and humorously confronts the all too familiar uncomfortable assumptions surrounding disability. The dancers put on an all-round, charismatic and thought-provoking performance using verbal, gestural and sign language to engage an enthusiastic audience.

Sound created solely by the dancers gives us a creates sense of perspective, leaving you questioning your own identity and your unconscious thoughts towards disability.

Gestural movement in synchronisation with the storytelling and symmetrical movement unites the group as one despite their differences. A piece open to interpretation, nevertheless, refreshingly down-to-earth and very European in its clowning.

Part Two “Notturnino” is inspired by and uses the soundtrack of the documentary film Tosca’s Kiss, following the lives of retired opera singers. It depicts the women respectfully, with appreciation for their art form shown through the use of solo/duet sections which showcase their stunning opera music.

This piece allows dancers to push boundaries with their bodies, with some of the disabled dancers pushing their bodies to the the limit creating truly impressive still body lines. The dance coexists along a conversational aural setting, important to the dance, allowing for interpretation of the vast amount of abstract movement. The piece began to truly come alive during the last 5 minutes. This saw a collapse of all dancers followed shortly by a profound reviving as if to come back alive, demonstrating the legacy of these women and the idea that their music is eternal and continues to live after death.

A fantastic juxtaposition of the two opposing choreographies, exhibiting the truly talented dancers at Candoco, and bringing together work from one of the UK’s most exciting visual artists, Hetain Patel and one of Europe’s most innovative choreographers Thomas Hauert. 


Image courtesy of Nottingham Lakeside Arts


First year International Media and Communications student at the University of Nottingham and Features writer for Her Campus! 
Harriet Dunlea is Campus Correspondent and Co-Editor in Chief of Her Campus Nottingham. She is a final year English student at the University of Nottingham. Her passion for student journalism derives from her too-nosey-for-her-own-good nature.