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Review: Brunch At Copper Cafe

After loving their afternoon tea, I decided to try out the brunch at Copper for another visit. After hearing many positive things,  I did not think they would disappoint, so I decided to take the plunge. 

I went to Brunch on a Monday at Copper, located in Lace Market opposite the theatre. I decided to go for a mimosa to get rid of my Monday morning blues and get into the full swing of brunchin’ – it’s not on the actual brunch menu, but if you ask they will make one for you at the bar. It was seriously refreshing and definitely brought my spirits up, as opposed to getting a coffee.

Bit of mimosa to start the day

After deliberating over what to pick on the menu, I opted for the eggs benedict, which is toasted muffin, poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise. For only £7, this was the best eggs benedict I have ever had. In combination with the mimosa, the breakfast was both filling and just the right combo of muffin to egg to bacon. The eggs were the perfect amount of runny and exactly how you would imagine them to be.

Look at that creamy goodness…

Although the eggs benedict were fab, the veggie breakfast also looked rather delish. You can customise this however you want, including two falafel sausages, confit tomatoes, field mushrooms, baked beans, toast and eggs however you like it. You can also add:

  • Fried potatoes with paprika salt +2
  • Make it vegan: swap the eggs for fried potatoes

Veggie delight

Although I did not try the whole dish, I did get to try the mushrooms as my friend didn’t like them. The presentation was 10/10 and the mushrooms were juicy and full of goodness. If you are veggie and would like to try this dish, I would definitely try the fried potatoes with paprika as it makes the perfect veggie option. The mushrooms were very big and round, which I thought was quite a unique element to the veggie breakfast.

The Copper Café also has a huge variety on the brunch menu, including chorizo hash, brunch burger, and omelettes including bacon and mushroom. They definitely have so much to offer and at such a decent price – I personally think it is better than Bills or any other brunch place I have been to.

I would recommend if:

  • You are going for a special occasion- it is definitely prestigious enough for a 21st birthday
  • You are looking for more than just your standard brunch – they include other options such as the Owen’s Taylor award and Columbian eggs

I would not recommend if:

  • You like to have good service- I found the service was not up to standard and it was hard to get a waiter’s attention – there was nobody around upstairs which meant waiting around for the bill and to order drinks

Happy brunchin’!


Edited by Angelica Beier

Ana Grant

Nottingham '18

Hi my name is Ana, I am currently a third year student studying Media and Communication at the University of Nottingham. I am a reviewer for Her Campus Nottingham :)
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