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Review: Bill’s at Breakfast

So I know it is kind of basic, but I went for a Bill’s breakfast over Christmas and was really impressed at how amazing it was. It really hit the spot and the choice of breakfast has definitely improved since I last went, so they’ve definitely upped their game…

Their fabulous breakfast menu includes the Bill’s omelette, coconut porridge and toasted brioche basket, but I decided to go all out and get the full Bill’s breakfast. It was well prepared and the service was very quick! Presentation was also a 10/10….

Despite poached egg always being my favourite, the scrambled eggs were so delicious with toast and bacon combined that it made me realise how much I miss bacon and non-vegetarian sausages. The bread was also really good quality and overall was so worth the money for £8.95 in total!

I also decided to opt for one of the more exotic drinks on the menu, having already had a coffee before I came, and I chose the nutritious and delicious watermelon, peach and raspberry juice.

I was not expecting the drink to turn up with such amazing decoration and it definitely made my Wednesday morning special. The watermelon on the side made a really cute touch to the drink and was really nice to eat at the end of the juice, although I did wonder if you supposed to have the watermelon before or after the drink?! The juice was very refreshing and cost £3.40 in total for a regular, which is very pricey for juice but it was so worth it with the decoration making it special compared to other brunches/breakfasts I have had.

Overall I would recommend Bill’s for:

  • A cute brunch date with family or friends
  • Birthdays (I have been previously and they gave me a free bottle of pink lemonade)
  • Always really friendly and quick service
  • If you are looking for something different

I wouldn’t recommend if:

  • You don’t want to pay for the service – 10% will be added to your bill
  • You want to go out for a specific cuisine – it’s more of a variety of traditional dishes


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