A Review of The Best Christmas Hot Drinks

There are many things that I love about Christmas, but something I look forward to every year now is the announcement of the Christmas drinks brought out in many coffee shops! Here is my verdict on a few of them this year…

Caffé Nero – Salted Caramel Latte:

They never seem to be quite at the forefront of Christmas like fellow high street chains Costa and Starbucks, but Caffé Nero have a couple of slightly more understated yet delicious Christmas drinks on offer this year, including the Salted Caramel Latte. It is just a tad less sweet than my go-to caramel latte, which makes it great for early mornings before work when you don’t always want a massive sugar rush, but not something bitter either. And the caramel drizzle on top is delicious! This has definitely been my personal favourite this year so far.

Costa – Black Forest Hot Chocolate:

A firm favourite amongst many, the Black Forest Hot Chocolate is back this year and it is just as good as ever. From the cherry sauce in the bottom to the pink chocolate curls on the top, you will not be left feeling disappointed. Even my mum, who I’ve never seen stray from her simple latte order, liked this one which is a sure sign of its indulgence.




Costa – Caramelised Orange Latte:

Costa’s Christmas latte flavours didn’t overly excite me this year, especially when I saw the incredible Billionaires latte from last year wasn’t returning, but that didn’t stop me from giving some of the new choices a go. This drink wasn’t too bad, but I think the intense orange flavour would go better with a hot chocolate than a coffee. Plus, I was a bit disappointed that, as beautiful as it looked, the orange decoration didn’t seem to be edible (I wasn’t sure so didn’t want to risk it!).




Starbucks – Toffee Nut Latte:

Another returning drink, but another good classic one. Like the Salted Caramel Latte, it’s a little less in-your-face but enjoyable all the same. Not at the top of my list of personal favourites, but it sits happily in the middle and I’d finish one any time.

Starbucks – Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate:

This had been the one that I was really looking forward to ever since Starbucks announced their drinks selection this year! Caramel, brownie, chocolate – what’s not to love? However, I was left sadly disappointed with this one (hopefully I just got a dodgy one because this could have so much potential to be amazing!). For someone with a massive sweet tooth, to not be able to finish it because I felt so sick was something I rarely experience, and that was with ordering a small, never mind a large. That being said, the chocolate cream on the top was delicious and definitely something that I need more of in my life.



McDonalds – Millionaires latte:

Never did I think I’d be writing about McDonalds in a coffee review but there’s a first time for everything! For the first time ever I was too cold for a Mcflurry the other week so I decided to sample my first ever McDonalds coffee, and it actually wasn’t too bad! Compared to ‘proper’ coffee chains the coffee wasn’t quite as full of flavour, yet on the whole, for a cheaper option, I was pleasantly surprised and would have it again.

Let us know your thoughts on the Christmas drinks out this year!