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Review: Alicia Keys at Apple Music Festival 10

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Winning tickets to see Alicia Keys perform at the Roundhouse for the Apple Music Festival didn’t seem all too exciting to a Hip Hop fanatic like me. However after an uninterested start, I found myself pleasantly surprised at how engaging the concert became.

The Apple Music Festival is an annual event where a different artist co-signing Apple Music performs to an audience of people who have won tickets to their show via a random draw. You can’t purchase tickets so going to the Apple Music Festival feels very exclusive.

After nonchalantly skipping the line (I was on the guest list) and waiting an hour, the show finally started with Jordan Fisher on stage performing until 21:00. Jordan sang his pop, wiggled and jiggled on stage, took the time to stop and wink at members of the audience.  Although Jordan can sing very well, the content of the music has a required taste, as I felt like he was only performing to the girls. His band did play some good beats though; I could definitely listen to the instrumentals in my leisure time.

In wake of Jordan Fisher being reeled off stage, it was time for Alicia Keys, who delivered a great intimate performance to the audience. Themed off her home New York, she told a compelling story about the life in the ghetto through the song “Ghetto Story” and “Empire State of Mind II” She also  brought on stage South London artist Sampha who renovated Drake and Alicia’s “I’m Ready” with some Sampha vocals. Needless to say this turned the feel of the show from quite boring to brilliant. Alicia has such as a sincere and candid personality to which she communicated well to heraudience through humorous remarks and some motivational words.

Suffice to say I quite liked the show. While I didn’t really like Jordan Fisher, I didn’t come to see him; I came for Alicia who did not disappoint!


Win Tickets to AMF here: www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/2016/apple-music-festival/

Venue: roundhouse.org.uk

Edited by: Jessica Greaney


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