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Rajesh Ramesh: SU Postgraduate Officer Candidate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Rajesh Ramesh: SU Postgraduate Officer Candidate 

Her Campus Nottingham caught up with Rajesh Ramesh, who is studying for a Masters in Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy. Rajesh is running for Postgraduate Officer and has lots of ideas to make the University experience more inclusive for everyone. 

What made you want to run for the Postgraduate Officer position?

Seeing the energy and passion from the past Postgrad Officer Anas Elhag and our current Postgrad Officer Elliott Denham, combined with the fact that I have been able to help so many Postgraduate students, understand and solve their issues to do with welfare, academics and most importantly, international living, was what inspired me to run for the role.

Apart from that, a friend, Neha Tanwar from the School of Law, encouraged me to try running for the position since I make friends easily and blend into various cultures without hesitation. It is a chance to prove myself to those who believe in me and my abilities / intentions.

Why do you think you’ll be good at the role?

Born in India. Raised in the Middle East. Worked and travelled around the World – Kenya, Egypt, Malaysia, India and Italy. Helped co-found a social movement in my home state where solar energy was offered to 100s of underprivileged communities.

Have worked for three years as a technical and policy researcher sometimes working on projects for the State Government of Tamil Nadu, India. I have several technical publications to my credit.

Plenty of leadership experience. But most importantly, you’d find me blending in with almost anyone because I am a good listener, extremely determined and an optimistic problem solver. Writing, dancing, running, motivational speaking, bird watching (the feathered kind…), activism, social media and strategic planning skills, are a few of the good habits.

All of the above humbly suggests that I possess the “postgraduate” gene. I think that has prepared me for the role.

What’s your favourite/ the best part of your manifesto?

Manifesto #3: Inclusivity of all groups/communities of students regardless of diversity and preferences in the planning of events and activities within and outside the University involving the Students’ Union. This is the best part of my manifesto.

The other favourite is the fact that I would like to encourage fellow Officers to collaborate and work together as a team to achieve each other’s manifestos.

Is there anything in particular you think will be difficult to implement?

Perfection. It can be pursued, it can be practiced but never implemented. Why? Because imperfection drives you to keep aiming higher, performing better and constantly looking for feedback and improving.

Anyone can vote for you, you don’t have to be a postgraduate student. So why should students who maybe don’t want to continue with their studies vote?

At first hand, voting for someone (who assumedly) doesn’t make a change in your life is the obvious choice.

But look at it this way; you are electing someone into a role that puts them in a position to help YOU network, bridge gaps, meet new people, discover new opportunities and learn new things.

For example, my interactions with the Students’ Union keeps me posted on the latest happenings across the University. Motivational lectures, IMS Sports Leagues, Socials, Casual Networking Events, you name it! These interactions I am sure would last a lifetime and I would definitely vote for someone who respects friendship and is there when needed.

Anything we should be looking out for during the next week of campaigning? Slogans, branding?

Surprise, you’ll know it soon.

Anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

The University is a vast ocean. Stick to what you believe in, explore (a lot), take time to relax and be open to new ideas, thoughts, cultures and people, and immerse yourself in this once in a lifetime opportunity to make the best of your luckiest, youngest years on Earth! Remember, it isn’t the end. It is just the beginning.

I am easy to find, easy to speak to and always there to help with what matters.



Ocean- yay or nay? Yay!

VKs or Jagerbombs? Jagerbombs

Pizza or pasta? Pizza

Cats or dogs? Both! Animal and nature lover

If you were to go on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be? Renewable Energy and Social Media

What would your dream job be? For now, PG Officer. Working with the Government back home or with the United Nations perhaps in the future!          

Hallward or George Green? Hallward to relax. George Green to study.

Gandalf or Dumbledore? Gandalf the Grey! 

McDonalds or KFC? Neither. I cook healthier, tastier food any day! Especially chicken!

Thank you for your time Rajesh!