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Rails & Tales: Navigating Europe – The Ultimate Guide to the Best and Worst Interrailing Destinations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

During my 5- week stint across Europe last summer, I was able to see some of the most beautiful and interesting sights and sounds. It really was the trip of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to do it again. Although we have only just made it out of summer, I have already begun discussing the possibility of interrailing again with friends and thought that many other people would be too. To help everyone start their interrail plan, I have compiled some of the best and, yes, some of the less-than-ideal places to visit while interrailing.

As a short disclaimer, these are all based on my personal opinion and experience- you may enjoy some of the places that I didn’t! 

The Best: 

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Amsterdam is a must-see city for your interrail journey. With beautiful canals and a variety of museums, it is really a European gem. I would definitely recommend Amsterdam as the first destination of your journey, as it really set the tone for the rest of our trip. 

The travel in and out of Amsterdam was very straightforward and it is very well connected to many major cities- so you have basically no excuse not to go!

  • Prague, Czech Republic

In the heart of the Czech Republic, Prague is a city straight out of a fairytale book. It boasts gorgeous architecture and unique landmarks, such as the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town. On top of this, it’s super cheap which is perfect for us students who will be travelling on a tight budget. 

The city was by far my favourite place to visit- and I will definitely be making a return. 

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Ljubljana is the charming capital of Slovenia, a hidden little gem which attracts tourists to its quaint streets and the gorgeous Lake Bled. When we visited, we spent a full day at the lake alone, exploring the area and taking the toboggan down one of its hills. 

The city itself was stunning too- with some really unique shops and restaurants to visit. I would definitely recommend spending at least 3 nights here- as there is a lot to see and do.

P.S. Don’t worry, we couldn’t pronounce it either!

The Worst: 

  1. Brussels, Belgium 

Although Brussels is undoubtedly a significant European capital and a huge hub for politics and business, we were left feeling a bit disappointed when we visited. Compared to many of the other cities we visited, it felt a bit boring and that it lacked that real European city charm that we had experienced elsewhere. 

The one positive side of the city, however, was definitely the Delerium Village, a small street which had 8 different bars along it, each with a huge variety of beers to try. 

  • Berlin, Germany 

This one is a bit controversial and is definitely down to personal opinion and bias. Although Berlin is arguably a Top 5 interrail destination, I just really wasn’t a fan. Yes, I found its rich history very informative and visiting the historical locations was definitely very moving and educational. However, I just did not love the city itself. To get from one area to another took about 3 trams and buses, and the city was just so vast I didn’t really get a proper feel for what it was like. 

The fact that I was ill and tired for some of it definitely wasn’t a helpful factor, but I just didn’t fall in love with the city as I had done with all the others. 

In conclusion, as a student embarking on an interrail adventure, choosing the right destinations is key to ensuring a memorable experience. While all traveller’s preferences and expectations may vary, it’s important to strike a balance between the best and worst interrail destinations. As you can see from my short ‘worst places’ list, it’s difficult to go wrong when picking a place to visit- and most of the time you just have to find out what it’s really like for yourself!

Rosa Pessagno

Nottingham '25

Rosa Pessagno is a joint social sec at Her Campus Nottingham. Some of the topics she is interested in include women's rights, fashion, popular culture, and current affairs. Rosa is currently in her second year at the University of Nottingham, studying International Media and Communications. As a media student, Rosa has a good understanding of current world issues, and she can provide a critical opinion on the topics she chooses to write about. Although she has never written for a magazine before, Rosa is excited to start writing articles about things she is passionate about. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, second-hand shopping, going on Pinterest and exploring different genres of music.