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Radhika Chond: SU Equal Opportunity and Welfare Candidate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Radhika Chond: SU Equal Opportunities and Welfare Candidate 

Her Campus Nottingham caught up with Rads on Sutton Bonington, a bubbly returning 4th year student who wants to make your university experience as inclusive as possible. Can this welfare candidate provide you with the American Dream?


What are you main manifesto points?

I’m a returning 4th year student doing English and American Studies, so one of the main point that I’m pushing for is inclusivity. I want to make sure that returning students feel as reintegrated as possible- I don’t want to bombard people with emails so maybe try and get a mini welfare mini team that can spread the word about services available to students with me- I want to make our platforms available for as many people as possible. At the end of the day I want student’s time at Nottingham to be a home from home experience.

Why did you go for welfare?

I’ve always been involved in the student body, either as course rep or as welfare officer for hindu society or american society, but also as a mentor to students in these societies. I’m always there to provide a hard cup of a tea and a smile- and even a biscuit if I’ve got one in my bag, I’ve got Type 1 diabetes so I’ve always got chocolate or something! I just want to make sure that people know where to go, my slogan is ‘putting the WE in welfare’, it can’t exist without us all working together


How important do you deem welfare and equal opportunities to be on campus?

Everyone is talking about mental health awareness this year, it’s become a really big thing on campus, which is great! No one should ever have to struggle alone (that’s one of my manifesto points), so I want to bring services to the students, including more welfare into welcome week and beyond would be great. I also want to introduce the concept of ‘wel-fairs’, three times in an academic year, have a tangible presence of our services on campus so you can see what’s on offer, everything would be in one place.

What do you know of your competitors?

Everyone is really nice, in the collective spirit. I’ve come back as a 4th year returning student so everyone is looking at me like, ‘who is this random girl?’, but it’s nice to have gotten to know them through the training, I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!




Derby… sheep… the football team? (take that off) Derby Hall? Inclusivity. Ah!

Lamb… mint sauce (is that because you can smell lamb?) yes.

Welfare… us together

Trent NTU, inclusivity!

Ocean.. Hell yeah, friday nights

Where can you find you on Friday night?

I’ll be in ocean, if you see red t shirts around come and say hi


What is your go to hangover cure?

Scramble egg on toast with a big cup of tea and two sugars.

Are your hangovers getting worse?

Err… no! So far, no! I’m the mum of the flat, churning out the food after a big night out.

What was the last text that you received?

[she checks] aw, it was checking up on my boyfriend telling him to have a good day at Starbucks

What do you miss about last year (abroad)?

The family spirit. It’s something I actually wanted to bring back with me to Nottingham. I was in Vermont so there were mountains everywhere, I miss that too- that’s why I’m back in Sutton Bonington, missing the fresh air!

Anything else Rads?

Vote Rads to be the ‘WE’ in welfare! We’re honestly just looking forward to meeting everyone with a smile.

Thanks Rads- good luck with the rest of your campaign!

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