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Omani Society Promotes Peace & Community for National Holiday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.


Henna, Frankincense and local dress. Just some of the wonderful sights and smells that would have welcomed anyone that stepped foot in Portland’s atrium this afternoon. In light of Oman’s National Holiday on 18th November, the University’s Omani Society organised an afternoon of festivities and informative displays for students and locals alike.

Visitors from all over the world made appearances at today’s event

Yousuf, student, and member of the society, offered to show us around the colourful stalls. He introduced us to the men wearing Kanjar, the ornate traditional dress and the women offering their intricate henna services to anyone with a few minutes spare.

Photographs of the region were also available to enjoy. From camels living on the beach to one of the largest opera venues in the Middle East, the scenes were full of surprises. A few more personal images also caught our eye.

Basma Al-Aufi’s extremely photogenic little brother

When we asked Yousuf if he knew the photographer he introduced us to his daughter, Basma Al-Aufi, a very talented 13 year old studying at Nottingham Girl’s Academy. We asked her whether she wanted to be a photographer when she grew up. “Yes, I love photography; I took these during my summer in Oman”.

Before leaving we asked about the significance of the roses that society members had been handing out outside the Trent building this morning.

“It is a sign of peace. We are about peace and safety and we believe that is what our country provides.”

It is nice to see that despite recent developments abroad, some communities are still working to promote peace and inclusivity.

For more information on the Omani Society please visit their SU page: http://www.su.nottingham.ac.uk/societies/society/omani/





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