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The Nu Skin Lip Plumping Balm – fuller lips within minutes!

Want to know how to get bigger, fuller and moisturized lips? Screw lip fillers and LOOK. NO. FURTHER. For I have the answer to all of your problems!

I present to you the lip plumping balm by Nu Skin. 

This lip plumping balm provides a rich moisture and even plump, along with a pink tint which can be worn as part of a simple, everyday look. The balm works within 30 minutes at a maximum. According to Olivia Harris, a Nu skin ambassador who has both tried and tested the product and wears it as part of an everyday look can confirm that the effects of the lip balm can be seen in just 10 minutes. It varies from person to person with 30 minutes being the absolute maximum to see the effects of the lip balm.

The answer to all of your insecurities is this lip balm ladies. Here is a photo of Olivia’s lips before and after the use of this lip balm. The lip balm has given the lips an insane boost increasing the plumpness and giving the lips a natural shine and a Cupid’s bow we all desire.

The results: an amazing plump and full look after just 30 minutes!

So now onto the more important stuff…

What does the lip plumping balm contain?

The main ingredient is rose hip oil and does not contain collagen.

This oil contains fatty acids. These acids are what helps the lip balm to promote skin elasticity and improve moisture levels, giving your lips a full and even glow. The lip balm also contains a natural source of vitamin e which helps to protect skin cells from sun damage.

How often do you have to apply it?

The effects of the balm last 3 hours. However, if you choose to be dedicated and use the balm continuously, it can improve overall appearance long term. The lip balm can be used every day- a pink tint can be used with any make up look or to simply enhance a natural look. For just £25 pounds, this lip balm contains a generous amount which is multi-purpose.

How does it feel on your lips?

There is a slight tingle when applying the lip balm because of the menthol it contains. This also contributes to the plumping effect because it provokes a cooling effect which improves blood circulation causing lips to plump. The balm has a natural, non-sticky feel and is similar to applying Vaseline. The lip balm is not glossy, but has a smooth, natural feel.

Overall, I would recommend the lip plumping balm:

  • To anyone who feels self-conscious about their lips and wants a short term technique to plump lips
  • If you like the idea of having plump lips for special occasions or going out to complete your look
  • If you struggle with dry and brittle lips, this balm can help to moisturise and fulfil lips
  • If you are looking for a generous, nice lip balm for your everyday look or to enhance a natural look
  • If you are looking to invest money into it… £25 pounds to some would seem quite an expensive investment on just one lip balm. However, this lip balm enhances lips and can be used every day and can potentially give you a long term full lip look if used continuously.
  • This lip plumping technique is relatively cheap compared to others such as lip fillers.

I would not recommend the lip plumping balm:

  • If you aren’t prepared to spend more than £20 pounds on a lip balm
  • If you are looking for something with a long term effect- the lip balm potentially can give long term plumpness if you continuously use it. However, it is not guaranteed and you should really buy it on the basis that it will work up to 3 hours after applying.

I would recommend this lip plumping balm as it is multi-purpose, can be used to both enhance your lips and add to your natural, everyday look. For just 25 pounds, this balm has has a generous amount that lasts for months depending on how much you use it.

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