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Nottingham Christmas Market 2017 – The Highlights

This year, Notts has upped its game and the Christmas Market in Market Square is better than ever! It’s the perfect place to get some really unique presents, delicious Bratwursts or even a full Christmas dinner in a sandwich, plus some boozy hot chocolate or a classic mulled wine. I have already been multiple times during this festive season and here are a few highlights from the stalls this year.

First of all, everyone loves chocolate (or at least, everyone should). Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself and the Hot Chocolate and Giant Cookies available at the Cadbury Hot Chocolate stall are the easiest way to do that. If you’re feeling generous you could even treat your significant other to some real indulgence. There is a massive selection of both food and drink (only the sweet variety) for you to enjoy. Here every year, but still a winner.

Sur La Piste and the Ice Bar. Both a little on the pricey side, but you might be able to catch a live band up in the little cabin above the entrance. Plus, if you are starting to get cold you could grab some seating above the bar to enjoy your drinks and stay a little less frosty. Located next to the ice skating rink, not only does it look like a classic winter ski lodge, but it has the cosy atmosphere too.

There are some excellent stalls for Christmas tree decorations that are cheap and cheerful, but if you also fancy going a little bit more personal there is one that can personalise any of their own Christmas tree decorations for you – ideal for parents or grandparents.

Want a Christmas jumper to dominate in the workplace or at university? Or just want to really embarrass a younger sibling this festive season? This stall has everything you could possibly want: lots of choice, low prices and definitely more inventive than just heading to Primark.

Look at these cakes. Just look at them. Yes, at £3 a cake, it is quite overpriced, but then again you know you’re tempted. They make an amazing treat for yourself, but an even better treat for a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend if you fancy spreading some of the Christmas joy.

Not your typical Christmas stall but if you like some spice, this is your place. Like a challenge?  These guys have a chilli sauce simply called ‘regret’. Frankly, I’m scared just looking at the tiny bottle it comes in! But even if you don’t fancy regret, there is a wide range of chilli jams and sauces from the Wiltshire Chilli Farm that could make a great quirky gift. Or just go along with some mates and challenge each other to try ever spicier flavours with their free taste tests.

Overall, this year’s Christmas Market is a definite festive must for students and families alike, because even if you can’t afford ice skating or the ice bar on a dwindling student loan, you can soak up the atmosphere and have a look around. Who knows, you might find the perfect gift? Or just treat yourself to something tasty!


Edited by Tia Ralhan

Images all writer’s own

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