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I had the pleasure of heading to Nottingham Trent University’s ‘The Landing’ to catch Flawes perform and interview the guys prior to their set. I have to say their set was fantastic – I’d never seen them live before but they really do know how to put on a show.

Frontman JC has such an incredible vocal and an amazing energy with an impressive vocal range. The chemistry between the band is so great to witness, and you can really see how much their music bonds them.

They performed all originals, which I commend them for, as not everyone would recognise their music. These showcased their undeniable talent with the lyrics resonating with the audience.

The songs are incredibly catchy too, and it didn’t take me long to pick up the lyrics and find myself tapping my foot along to the beat. My favourite original would have to be Forever. I listened to this track before meeting the guys and it’s so easy to listen to. It also sounds great live.

What I like about the band also is how down to earth they are. They were so lovely to chat to me and had me laughing most of the way through our interview. I am a new fan of these guys and will be keeping up with their musical progression!

How did you guys form as a group?

We formed about two years ago, me and JC went to school together, so we’ve known each other for a long time. We bumped into each other in London randomly, and we caught up. He’d been writing a bunch of songs, one of which Richie (manager) is sound checking right now. I’ve lost my train of thought… We met Freddie through mutual friends, had one rehearsal and it sort of went from there really.


How would you describe your music to people who don’t know you?

We call it Alternative Pop. The choruses are fairly catchy we hope. So Alternative Pop, we started off by being inspired by people like Jack Garratt, London Grammar, so fairly chilled. I think our sounds is starting to develop into more upbeat music.


What’s your biggest achievement to date?

We played Radio 1’s big weekend in Hull in May which I think as a career highlight that was definitely it. Also, being picked as track of the week by radio 1, that sort of started everything off.


What’s the most difficult thing about the industry that you are in?

The most difficult thing, ooh interesting question. I think the amount of competition, there are so many bands. Before Spotify really took off, you had to have a record deal to really get out there, but now you can do so much yourself. There are so many other acts but saying that, we are lucky we’ve got a great record label on board. It’s quite exciting as well not knowing what is going to happen or where it is going to go.


If you could pick one song that’s in the charts/recent and make it yours, what would you pick?

Currently, current chart song? Liam Payne. That one that’s like ‘6 gear speed’ ‘used to be in 1D… that’s not me’ I reckon we could make that our own. 


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