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Motivational Quotes to Get You through the Exam Season

The exam season is well and truly underway! For those of you who have completed your exams and coursework, congratulations – I’m bet you feel amazing. But for those who are still battling on, I’ve provided you with some motivational quotes that will hopefully serve as a little ‘pick me up’ when you’re feeling stressed, tired and struggling to find the motivation you need.

There is nothing better than feeling proud of yourself, like you have really accomplished something. Keep working hard and you will get the results you want. But remember not to push yourself too much; getting enough sleep, eating good food and taking lots of breaks is so important – health comes first!

Personally, I love this quote. People can be so hard on themselves for feeling like they haven’t achieved enough in a day, but as long as you’re doing something to work towards your goal, then that’s all that matters. You can only try your best and that is good enough.


It can be really easy to sit moping in the library or behind your desk at home thinking that it’s all going really badly; I’ve been there multiple times. But, try and have some faith in yourself. At the end of the day worrying will only make you more stressed, so just try your best to stay positive – you’re really are doing great. 

One of my closest friends showed me this quote in secondary school, and ever since, it has stuck with me and become one of my all time favourites. It applies to everything in life and makes me realise that things will and do get better. So keep going with your exams, you’re nearly there! If they aren’t going how you would have liked and it’s getting you down, then remember this quote. Everything really does work out in the end.

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