The Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Every Type of Foodie

A few years ago, we bought my Mum a hoover for Mother’s Day and she cried. She wanted to know why we only valued her for her housework abilities. Ever since, cleaning appliances as presents have been avoided and much more thought has gone into presents. To save you from following in my footsteps, learning the hard way by ruining your Mum’s day, I’ve found the best presents for every type of mum and for a range of budgets. Just remember, no hoovers.

Breakfast in Bed Beauty

Since before you could see over the kitchen counter, Mother’s Day has meant treating your Mum to breakfast in bed, a tradition she’d probably like to enjoy every Sunday! Whether she prefers tea and toast, an indulgent pastry or a good old fashioned fry up, help her enjoy the most important day of the year in style with these breakfast themed presents

Tiptree Jam Tasting Selection, £14.99

Whittard Luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Box, £18.50

Divided Breakfast Frying Pan, £49.98

Coffee Addict

Don’t ask your Mum to do anything until she’s had her morning coffee and make sure she’s having regular top ups throughout the day to ensure normal functioning. With these presents she’ll be able to keep on the ball all year round.

Copper Eight Cup Cafetiere, £40.00

‘I Need Coffee’ Print, £17.50

Kate Spade Thermal Mug, £16

Just Your Cup of Tea

Big decision? Feeling stressed? Mid-life crisis? Never fear, your Mum can get over all of this with just a simple cup of tea. It’s impossible to visit your Mum without drinking enough tea to last you a month and if tea addiction was a thing, you’d probably be recommending she got help. But seeing as there’s no harm in the perfect cup of tea, treat her to one of these presents this Mother’s Day.

Whittard Tea Discovery Collection, £22

Emma Bridgewater Personalised Tea Pot, £34.95

Tea and Sugar Jars, £12 each

Sweet Tooth Tina

You’ve been raised to believe that pudding is the most important meal of the day and when better to indulge this ideology than Mother’s Day? Whether she’s into chocolate, biscuits or baking her own treats, you’ll undoubtedly find something to satisfy her sweet tooth below.

Hotel Chocolat Everything Chocolate Collection Hamper, £25

Kate Spade Cookie Jar, £48

‘Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding’ Recipe Book, £12.99

Yummy Mummy

The Yummy Mummy. She goes to the gym more often than you and has been cooking you kale at every opportunity. The only thing that stops you being resentful is the vague hope that maybe when you’re fifty, you’ll look as good as she does.

What I Ate Notepad, £6

Bobble Infuse Water Bottle £14.99

Bootea 28 Day Teatox, £16.99

Hostess with the Mostest

It would be fair to say that your Mum loves having your friends round more than you do and if your friends aren’t round, hers are. Before guests have taken their coats off; they’ve been offered three drinks, two types of cake and tour of her new extension along with the insistence that they make themselves at home. Whilst she doesn’t need your help when it comes to being fabulous, these hosting must haves will undoubtedly make her dinner parties second to none.

Personalised Cheese Board and Knife Set, £30

Mixologist Kit, £29.95

Two Tier Cake Stand, £24.99

Cheeky Tipple

‘Its five o’clock somewhere’ is her favourite motto, gin and tonic in hand over 12 o’clock lunch. Whilst you might be the student, she out does you on weekly units and some of your favourite memories of her are tipsy wine filled evenings. Be a bad influence and encourage her fun loving habits this Mother’s Day.

Coole Swan Irish Cream Liquer With Whiskey, Chocolate and Cream, £22

Fortnum & Mason’s ‘The Bellini Box’, £40

‘Gin Instead of Milk’ Print, £13

Edited by Susan Akyeampong