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Mockingjay Part 2: The Best of the Looks & Garms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

I must admit, I’ve never been the biggest Hunger Games fan. Even my YA-fiction-obsessed-13-year-old self found the books to be pretty ‘meh’ and the guys that form the distracting love triangle as dull as dishwater (no Edward vs Jacob, amirite?). Nevertheless, the final film impressed me: particularly the garms being flaunted by characters old and new.

There will be spoilers… but all the Panem-spiration is right here:

1. Great woolen choices

Let’s talk Commander Paylor (Patina Miller) in this coat, for instance. It slayed me so hard the idea for this article arose and distracted me momentarily from the impressive speech she was making. This coat screams fierce. It screams revolution. It screams Vivienne Westwood with a hint of Yeezy ready-to-wear. It screams the practicality of staying warm during outdoor speech-making. Wise and wonderful woolen choices make the world go round.

2. Shearling chic

Oh look, it’s Brienne of Tarth Commander Lyme! (Who?) Gwendoline Christie got a whole five minutes on screen, but just look at that luscious bit of shearling. Kind of M&S hippie-mum-section with a dash of All Saints. Classy and commanding. Go Brienne. I miss you. When’s GOT back?

3. Feline fancy

If I was slayed by a coat, you can imagine how my jaw dropped upon encountering this feline face. Yes, the Capitol pride themselves on looking a bit freaky, but Tigris certainly steps it up a notch. President Snow apparently got rid of her as a stylist because her look was too radical. I would like to personally extend my hand to her and offer her a position (I just really wanna be a cat tbh.)

4. Ice queen vibes It wouldn’t be an article on the series’ sartorial prowess without mentioning Effie. That silhouette. That icy blue. Those fur-fringed shoulders and hips. Lash game is also continually strong: look out for the transparent ones that flutter like tiny rainbow wings. They best be selling them in Superdrug soon.

5. Fleeky liner

Seeing as Katniss spends a lot of the movie looking bedraggled and angry (rightly so), it was nice to see her get her fleeky liner on and head out to cause some (warranted) bloodshed. Bulletproof never looked so #fashun.

6. Lobs and lilac

I’ve got a big ol’girl crush on Julianne Moore playing Alma Coin. She cuts those soft grey locks into the ‘lob’ of the season towards the end of the film, abandoning dead ends and looking execution-ready (there’s a metaphor there, I just know it). Soft lilac and pale grey is the dreamiest combo, plus her subsequent fall from grace also reveals some delightful suede knee-highs. Ain’t no better way to go.

7. Hugh Hefner in a greenhouse

Finally, I leave you with President Snow: the picture of sophisticated villainy against a backdrop of luscious greenery, complete with a Hugh Hefner-style robe. You gotta be bad to look this good.


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