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‘That 70’s Show’ co-stars Mila Kunis, 30, and Ashton Kutcher, 36, have announced that they are expecting. The news came out when “multiple sources” told ‘US Weekly’ about the pregnancy. ‘US Weekly’ reported that the couple are “so happy” with the news. Kutcher is turning to ‘That 70’s Show’ co star Danny Masterson, who played rebellious teenager Steven Hyde in the show, for parenting advice as Masterson and his wife Bijou Phillips welcomed their first child Fianna Francis to the world this Valentine’s Day 2014. We can only hope the kids will be starring in a future version called ‘That 90’s Show’ where they’ll be doing the Macarena at school discos and making mixed tapes for their sweethearts.

A friend of Kunis and Ashton revealed to ‘OK Magazine’ that a baby was on the way and that Kunis is four months pregnant. There are reports that Kunis could be expecting twins but this is not confirmed. A friend told ‘OK Magazine’: “Ashton and Mila feel like they won the baby lottery. It was a total shock for both of them, but they feel up for the challenge. It didn’t seem possible for them to fall any deeper in love”.  Another source told ‘US Weekly’: “this is something they both wanted”. The couple are bound to make a great parenting team!

On a sadder note, according to news source ‘Star’ the pregnancy news left Kutcher’s ex-wife Demi Moore feeling “fragile” and “heartbroken”. Another source told ‘Showbizspy’: “during their marriage, Ashton and Demi were never on the same page about starting a family. She wanted to have children with him but he was never ready[…]it’s a real kick in the teeth that he’s starting a family with Mila. Ashton didn’t even have the courtesy to get in touch with Demi to let her know that Mila was pregnant before announcing the news. This would have given her the chance to get out of town while the news broke.” The source continued to say, “for someone as youth-obsessed as Demi, it’s a real blow that Ashton has gone on to settle down with one of Hollywood’s hottest – but most humble – stars. We’re all worried this could be a major emotional set back for her,”

They are due to have a low-key wedding. They will be wed in London in a registry office to be legal as soon as possible but will be having a simple wedding in LA this April before their baby arrives. The wedding will just be family but Kutcher wants to throw a party in the south of France.

What do you think? Should Demi Moore have been more considered when breaking the pregnancy news or is this Ashton and Mila’s moment? Do you think we’ll be seeing twins in 5 months or is this just a rumour? Finally the big question is what are they going to call the possible twins? Would Jackie and Michael be too weird?

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