Meghan Trainor overkills Feminism once again

In regards to controversial topics, this catchy tunes singer has done them all. Trainor appears to not be gaining any more fans with her latest song ‘Dear Future Husband’. And this comes after the backlash from ‘All About That Bass’, with its unglorified justifications as to why women should have curves because we are simply here to please men. Her new song has now taught us ladies to put down men to get what we want because they’ll let it happen if they have the opportunity to have sex with you. Gurl, what happened to female empowerment?

For starters, her portrayal of a 50s housewife in figure-hugging clothes doesn’t line up with the lyrics. It doesn’t appear as a playful spin on the 50s stereotype. This aberration is a failure to feminism  because of the way it has been shown here. In the act of respecting the empowered single woman, she also puts down men, denying them her attention if they aren’t strong enough or can’t cook or put up with her ever-changing attitude. We shouldn’t have to construct a list of conditions ruling whether these future husbands deserve her attention or not, because men like that do not exist. Sorry to break that to every girl hoping for an idealistic, all-cooking, all-cleaning, strong, caring and patient man.

I'll be sleeping on the left side of the bed (hey)Open doors for me and you might get some kissesDon't have a dirty mindJust be a classy guy

These lyrics are a great threat to her ‘Feminist’ persona. Using sex to get what she wants is far from classy and is not a good message for women – it completely goes against Feminism. To say that we’re equal but then use the female form for superiority over men is confusing. As is making the claim that men are superior because women will fall on their backs if they are pampered so gratuitously.

There is so much to disagree with in this video. Using a dating app to determine a future husband based on appearance appears to be what she stands for. Instead of Feminism standing for equality, in this music video none of those are truly important in a partner and attraction can solely be based on appearance. Every women’s dream is to be appreciated by a man based on more than appearance so, why wouldn’t we gave them the same respect?

In a recent interview after the backlash, Trainor states ‘I think I was just writing my song to my future husband out there, wherever he is. He's chilling right now, taking a minute getting ready for me; it's going to be great.’ Which certainly sparks curiosity as her lyrics demand that she be called beautiful and have diamond rings bought for her. Not looking good for a Feminist figure.




Edited by Sam Carey