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Meet The Team: Evangeline Howarth

For #MeetTheTeam Week, here is a little bit about me, Evangeline, student at the University of Nottingham and Co-Campus Correspondent at HC Nottingham!

Before I start, let me say that there is nothing more cringe-worthy than having to write about yourself and post it publicly, so cut me a little slack, I’ll try to make it as interesting a life story as possible…

I study English and French and have just started my fourth and final year after spending a year working in the South of France – coming back to studying and tests, I’m beginning to wish my French had improved as much as my fast-fading tan!

Cheeky selfie in Nice

As you may have guessed, I love to travel and learn about new cultures and have been sooo lucky to travel quite a bit in my so far short time on Earth. Some of my favourite places have been Costa Rica, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Gambia, mainly because of the wonderful people I met along the way and the beautiful wildlife.

I went the furthest I'd ever gone on my own this summer to Indonesia, which was terrifying to begin with, but I soon got distracted by all the amazing things I could see and do - especially learning to dive, I've always loved the water and being surrounded by such stunning sea life was unforgettable.

On top of a volcano in Java, Indonesia

My life mantra is: get out and see it while you can. I may be a little bit poor from living it large, but for my age, I’d say I’m pretty rich in cool experiences!

Yes, I did the swing...

The most important thing in my life, after my family, boyfriend and crazy dog, is food.

My family feat. the most ridiculous dog you have ever met

If I’m not eating it, I’ll be cooking it or thinking about it. I’m weird in that I like to plan two meals ahead so I’ve got things to look forward to/daydream about in lectures, even on the sloggiest of days. I am definitely a “live to eat” kind of person, but I’m not interested in junk. Give me well-cooked meat and lotsa veggies everyday and I’ll be a happy gal.

Food makes me happy

Originally from Staffordshire, about 40 minutes’ drive from Birmingham in the UK, I grew up a country girl and have stayed true to my roots… I love being outdoors and active (I try to gym when it’s convenient…), which is why I am also on the sailing team at university. I have sailed since I was 8 and competitively since I was 12; I love the freedom and technicalities of sailing as well as the passion and camaraderie that’s so apparent in the sport.

At the moment, I’m living each day as it comes, trying not to get too stressed and tentatively planning a post-uni life by applying to crazy-sounding grad schemes. The future is bright, but a little daunting – I’m hoping for lots more travel, love, happiness and hopefully a little more cash so I can afford a haircut…

Instagram: Full of food, pets and travelling - _____evangeline_____

Listening to: A bit of 80s rock and some Christine and the Queens

Watching: Outlander, Suits, The IT Crowd

Student at the University of Nottingham studying English and French. Spending a year in France doing sport, sailing and marketing.
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