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Lux Huntington: SU LGBT Officer Candidate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Lux Huntington: SU LGBT Officer Candidate

Her Campus Nottingham met up with Lux Huntington, who is running for the LGBT Officer position. Lux is a second year Philosophy student and is one of two Social Secs for the LGBT Network. 

Why do you think the role of LGBT officer is in important role?

LGBTQPIA+ is all about community. It’s really important for LGBT+ people to feel like they have a place they belong as well as a support system. The LGBT Network creates this environment and the Network simply wouldn’t be possible without an officer, which makes the role uniquely important.

What’s the best part/ your favourite part of your manifesto?

My favourite part is the quotes section at the end of my manifesto. In particular, the quote from my significant other: ‘10/10 would bang’.

What do you think will be the most challenging part of your manifesto to implement?

I think campaigns will be hard to put into action. I’m hoping to work alongside the ESJ, Welfare and Women’s officers to make changes on campus (gender-neutral toilets, no gendered committee roles anywhere on campus, promoting tolerance and acceptance, etc.). Hopefully, I’ll be able to introduce the role of campaigns manager on committee to help me out with this!

Who can vote for you in the election?

People who identify as any sort of LGBTQPIA+ can vote.

The LGBT Network at UoN has quite a big presence on campus, which is great! What kind of events does the Network get up to and will you be continuing your role as social secretary next year as well?

It is great! So far this year we’ve had a bar crawl in Manchester, several crawls in Nottingham, we’ve had a formal which was spring themed, a trans* meet up at Jamcafe, film screenings on campus, every week we either have tea and cake on campus or go to Mooch in the evening and then to Propaganda, etc. We get up to so much and it’s fantastic. I definitely want to stay involved in running events next year but I won’t be taking on the role full time. I’d like there to still be two social secretaries and I’ll help out when I can.

Anything you’d like to add?

I know that I’m the only one running, so it might seem that it’s unimportant to vote because I’ll ‘get the role anyway’. This isn’t the case – I really need people to back me and vote for me because without people wanting me for the role, nominations might re-open. Please do take the time to read my manifesto and vote!


Ocean- yay or nay? Yay! Our pride night is going to be amazing!

Cats or dogs? Cats – mine is actually sat next to me right now

Pizza or pasta? Pasta!

If you were to appear on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be? Obscure facts about the personal lives of philosophers

Personal claim to fame? My ancestor signed the deceleration of independence

Dream job? A government job involved with welfare and ethics.

Thanks Lux- we wish you the best of luck with your campaign!