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Krishanthi Jeyakumar

Name: ‎Krishanthi Jeyakumar

Hometown: London

Degree: English Studies

Year: 2

Campus Involvement: Exec on NUTS, Nottingham New Theatre director, regular contribution to music magazine, URN, Coeliac Society executive

Dream job: Music journalist

Personal Claim to Fame: I met Jack Whitehall on the Northern Line and gave him a tissue this one time.

Fun Fact: Can speak Tamil fluently

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: I introduced myself to the same girl an hour after I met her because I forgot her face.

Signature dish: Chicken curry and jasmine rice.

Where Can You Be Found on a Friday Night in Notts?: Ocean, Bodega or a gig.

Krishanthi is directing New Theatre’s ‘That Face’, which is running all week – get your tickets now!

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