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Hidden within the cobbled streets of the Lace Market, lies a speciality coffee shop serving ‘badass coffee’. Kigali might just be one of the smallest coffee shops in Nottingham, but the proverb ‘good things come in small packages’ is perfectly suited to the establishment. It has an intimate and relaxed vibe to the room yet is packed with personality. All the staff are passionate and knowledgeable about the coffee and are always up for friendly chit-chat and coffee questions. Kigali strives to serve the best coffee in Nottingham- you can practically taste the love that has been poured into it with every sip.

What makes a speciality coffee shop special is the drive for quality through their brewing methods as well as the sourcing process of the coffee beans. Roasters visit the coffee farms personally to ensure that they are providing the best coffee for their customers. Kigali serves high-quality, single-origin coffees that they roast themselves to craft the perfect cup of coffee. The name of the coffee shop is in fact named after the capital city of Rwanda, in the heart of Africa, which founder, @gregroycampher, frequently travels to himself, as well as Junín, to visit coffee farmers and ensure that he is sourcing ethical and sustainable coffee.

Whether you fancy a flat white, espresso, iced latte, or mocha, they do it all. Initially, when I first started drinking coffee here, I thought it was way too strong, but that’s because all our chain coffee shops are skimping on the caffeine content! For example, at Starbucks, a single shot of espresso contains just 33mg of caffeine, whereas Costa contains 100mg. And for all my dairy alternative ladies, Kigali only offers oat as an alternative milk, but there is a reason behind this. Due to the creamy nature of oat milk, it accompanies the coffee perfectly, without overpowering the taste.

With an incredible selection of pastries, cakes, and toasted sandwiches- they are all so good that you must keep coming back to work your way through the menu and try them all! Also, keep an eye out in the summer for their espresso soft serve ice cream, it is literally to die for. If you fancy treating yourself to a coffee, you won’t be disappointed by the cosy vibes and top-notch coffee that Kigali has to offer.

Location: Stoney Street, NG1 1LG

Libby Gallacher

Nottingham '23

Hi! My name is Libby and my life is pretty much orientated around food. I'm a 3rd year English student at Uni of Notts. I aim to show you all my favourite spots in Notts for food, drinks, coffee, and more!