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Jason Banks: Managing Director of Re-covered

Meet Jason, the second year business management student who runs the social enterprise Re-covered, part of Enactus Nottingham, in his spare time. 

What is Re-covered?

It’s a student run social enterprise focussing on providing employment and volunteering opportunities whilst reducing furniture waste. This in turn provides affordable furniture to those in social housing for those who can’t afford it. So we employ John who didn’t have a job for 4 years to collect and refurbish furniture from the local Nottingham area. John and our volunteer Kim are able to give the furniture a new lease of life through their extensive experience in the furniture trade. Once the furniture is refurbished we put it on our ‘shop floor’ – our warehouse on Triumph Road. People from the local area shop for what they want and John delivers it to them.  


How did you find John and Kim?

We found Kim through the Friary, a faith based drop in service for those who are experiencing hardships in their life. Kim’s life had been flipped upside down so he went to the Friary and they put him in touch with us. He’s actually been on the BBC recently about the Friary and Re-covered. With John, we advertised for an experienced and enthusiastic furniture re-furbisher and John ticked all the boxes right away.

What’s it like running a business as a student?

Weird. One day I might be running interviews for people with criminal records, the next I’m delivering a bed to someone in a housing association who had been sleeping on the floor up until then. It’s a really dynamic job but I love every minute of it.

How did you become team leader?

The space opened up and I was offered the position hungover so didn’t really think about it. I just said yes!

What takes up more time, Re-covered or your degree?

Well let’s just say this, I haven’t gone to lectures for a long time haha.

Can students get furniture from Re-covered?

Absolutely! We have a huge range of furniture from dining chairs for £10 to coffee tables for £20.

How can students get involved? 

Well Re-covered is part of Enactus, a student run global organisation that aims to set up not-for-profit businesses. There’s actually a recruitment weekend coming up so look out for an email from us!

Do you want to stay in the world of social enterprises after university?

I want to make enough money to set up my own social enterprise that will make a difference somewhere in the world.

Thanks Jason!

Edited by Katie Randall 



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